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RAMOS is not a white name, dude is a 1/2 tacobreath.

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Wouldn't it be nuts if his motivation was to kill people writing pro-wall articles?

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It's a European name like every other name they appropriate, same with most blacks and every other cultural leech on the planet. If he's fully white he's still an antifa far leftist terrorist so we have that at least...

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I don't think Latinos really appropriated Spanish surnames. The conquistadors just couldn't resist that native poon.

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And that Hogg Swine's father was FBI.

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Color me shocked. Are the journalist actually dead? Or do they Cohen-cidentaly have friends and fam in govt?

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So, if we add this to the list of "interesting coincidences" with recent mass shootings...

2018 - Newspaper shooter - father was an NSA employee

2018 - M.S. highschool shooting - massive failures with law enforcement, FBI and school officials ignoring legal or internal policies. County LE highly involved politically with Liberal causes - major policy "advocates" post-shooting have FBI ties

2017 - Vegas shooter - owned planes with CIA tail numbers and had questionable sources of income

2017 - Sunderland shooter - Could not legally own firearms as he was, dishohorably discharged from the military for a felony conviction - Air force "forgot" to report this to the FBI database

2016 - Pulse Nightclub shooter - Father was an FBI assett

and an interesting bonus -

2012 - VT shooter - ineligible to own firearms, the state of VA (gov. at the time was Tim Kaine, future VP candidate for HRC) was selectively not enforcing the federal laws with regards to processing firearms transactions for mental defectives.

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Damn. Thanks for putting that together. Should get its own post w links!

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Tacoboy or Philipino? Maybe it's the aloha shirt that makes me say that.

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https://kek.gg/i/5rBgST.jpg 1/2 breed taco-nigger, Ramos is a hispanic surname. But lot's of those in PI too, you might be correct.

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That's definitely the face of a leftist commie.

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Who is this?

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the alleged Annapolis shooter

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Oh I just read about it after I made that comment. Thanks for answering! haha

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So, his father is hispanic and it looks like his mother is as well, if that is her pictured with the father. Yet they say he's White. Hmmm.

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they look like pedophiles

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OMG you are as stupid as MAxime Waters

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