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"Just because we had to use tricks to invent hoaxes, doesn't mean it's not real"

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so "it was real in their mind"?
where have I heard that before?

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Jews like to redefine words. This is called embellishment and we have stories about kids dying alone in the woods because no one cares about "crying wolf", yet if you don't help a Jew when they ask you're an anti-semite.

Remember that deal that gave 911 calls for NY State to an Israeli company August-2015 ( https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/business/nice-wins-huge-nyc-contract-1.5383730 ), then they had some kid bump up 911 bomb threats against Temples, FROM ISRAEL!! ( https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/23/us/jcc-bomb-threats.html )

Read either article and help me understand why an 18 year old "dual citizen" doesn't even get his name released for this?

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He wanted to make 6 million fake bomb threats

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maybe this is the real trick to create anti-semitism

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Had a story near my town today, the FBI/ATF caught a guy who's been setting off IEDs all over the area in the middle of the night. A few weeks ago, a guy hit an IED that was buried while mowing his lawn- he survived because the mower shielded him.

The bomber's name is "David Surman Jr.". Here's the story.

I'm honestly a little surprised this isn't getting nation wide coverage. A real life "homegrown terrorist" was caught, he could've been the next serial bomber- but it's only being reported locally.

Look at that picture of him, and the name "David Surman", and try to convince me that's not a jew.

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Yep I knew it was a kike, I wonder if he got the explosives from some mossad job that stole that dynamite from that mine in PA

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Was wondering when that was going to surface.

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I'm not sure, I think this guy might be a fucking lunatic. Medically insane.

He probably got most of the materials for the bombs from the chemical company he owned. There was also a lot of "drugs" found in his home, I assume heroin or meth. There was also a large quantity of assorted controlled chemicals that he shouldn't have had in his possession.

Idk if we'll ever find out what the dynamite thing was. It'll be the kind of thing WatchMojo does lists on "Greatest unsolved mysteries" 20 years from now (if we survive the oncoming wars).

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wow Had he been white that shit would've been all over MSM

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so not only does the jew cry out as they strike you, but also they cry out as they strike themselves!

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he must be very self-conscious of the size of that nose

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I made a thread about this last year. They did the same thing then too

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News like this just disappears, within a month if you bring it up you'll be called a conspiracy theorist.

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Israel also claims that he was a minor at the time he committed crimes. Very hard to explain zero photos of the guy for quite possibly the most prolific bomb hoaxer of all time. I'm going to call bullshit, and that he's Mossad and this is all being kept under wraps. I don't think there are many teenagers with a side business of bomb threats and cyber stalking. The fact that there's ZERO photos of him points to this even more heavily. Also, wtf is up with him having 4 names? Is the name fake too? Are we able to request his mugshot? Stuff like that should be public record.

It's very clear the faggot is on someone's payroll.

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You might be able to get his mugshot. But then you'd be Seth Rich'd very soon after...

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Also, wtf is up with him having 4 names?

To conceal

Are we able to request his mugshot?

We supposed to be able to through the FOIA Act but I bet this request would get "lost" or something.

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I though they were our allies tho

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