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38-year-old Jarrod Ramos of Laurel, MD. Hispanic. Leftist. ANTIFA supporter.

Check out Drudge. There you go

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Link please?

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It was deleted (censored) after just 2 hours. Go figure.

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So THAT'S why CNN refused to cover it yesterday...

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Also he didn't use an AR-15. He used Biden's favorite gun.

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@samy90a44 Oh thank you. I'm so happy to hear he's crazed Antifa. I hope no one was really killed.

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Last I heard he got 4 or 5 deaths and a bunch more wounded.

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Ramos. Sure. White.

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He can't keep getting away with it!!

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Above is a verified photo of a very dangerous man.

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Jarrod W. Ramos

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He has some Spanish blood and the close set eyes of an idiot, but he has too much indigenous blood for real white Latino people to consider him one of their own.

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Yes, he doesn't look new world hispanic. He also looks slightly Crazed MiddleEastern.

I looked again. Could he be slavic?

E: I hate to say it but he could be part kike. Jeez I hope not.

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Like that Travon Martin shooting by "Gonzalez" was a "white-supremacist"

I have a Gonzalez working for me and when he brought this up, myself and two other execs just laughed in his face "Gonzalez isn't a 'white'"

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Gonzalez? Was that George Zimmerman's mom's name? I got a kick out of everyone trying to say that mestizo was white lol.

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Chili Beaner

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I love how all these websites no longer have comments. Even the shittiest shit cheap websites can have comments on them. Amazing how these global massive companies with billions of dollars all of a sudden lost the ability to allow people to comment on how they feel about the "news" (((they))) report on. It's our news happening in our country to our people, but the global corps have decided that it's only their voices and no one else's that should ever be heard. I can't wait until all these yesterday things like newspapers and dying news corps are swept away. Any website that is open to free speech are always the best. It's like hanging out with long time friends, you can say how you actually feel and not mask it behind a layer of bullshit. There's always a few dicks in the crowd, but that only helps to keep things interesting. Yep, just being an American and enjoying the freedom my ancestors passed down to me. Thanks fellow white ancestors. If we meet again in death, I hope I can be as proud of the legacy I leave behind for my children.

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It's sickening, the lame stream media cut off all different thoughts and still run with their imaginary narrative..

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CBC is publicly funded AND sells ads

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Um. That's a Gnome.

Gnomes are not White.

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Pic of an arrest record. Now you know how white crime stats are artificially inflated

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Lol, twitter account suspended. Big surprise there.

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GODDAMN these Jews. You look at the picture of that spic and he is not white in any way - but of course -- white for the goyim. I hope a dozen more papers get the same treatment.

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There is an entire archive of the shooters writings on Q's June 28 post. It will give you some perspective on this.

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They decide what race someone is when it fits the narrative.

Obama is half white, you only hear about his niggerdom.

Douglas Pearce is gay. "Gays can be Nazis!"

Breitbart was raised as a Jew. "Jews can be Nazis"

Allen West.. "Blacks can be Nazis"

Jarrod Ramos. Did you see his Juan Valdez looking father? But he's another FUCKING WHITE MALE. Of course, if he had been arrested at a ICE facility, he was doing it for the "Latinx" people.

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