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Of course, they are liberals. KKK is the old enforcement branch of the Democratic Party.


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They were the 60s version of BLM/Antifa


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"Democrats are the REAL racists."


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We are damit.


[–] Derjuden ago 

Damn I'm a Democrat now


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Even Kanye figured it out that the Democrats want to keep blacks chained in their neo-plantation.

Democrats don't even want blacks to have the capability of "critical thinking."

The whole "progressive western" thing is a bigotry wrapped in virtue signaling. Why is there AA and diversity hiring for blacks? Because "progressives" think that they are too dumb to ever get a job without those policies. In fact the SAT scores is "added or subtracted" differently for every race, according to how dumb or smart the race is according to "liberals."

See, many liberal footsoldiers aren't racist, but their higher up are very very racist. It's just a twisted way to discriminate, really. Think about it for a sec. Nobody respected Ben Carson because "he's probably a diversity hire/enrollment." Because niggers with Cs get the position over whiteys with As. It doesn't even matter if Carson is a B or even A student, because everybody knows that he only needs a C.

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I thought nobody respected Ben Carson because he is a conservative who escaped the liberal plantation, so he doesn't fit the left's narrative?

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