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Need names and motive, did any of the victims have access or testimony to offer regarding any really damning stories about the Demonrat Party corruption? (or neocons that support them)

EDIT: Stories like this one: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-27/head-charity-against-sexual-violence-charged-attempting-arrange-rape-children-0

The baby licker worked with Hillary 2016 campaign.

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Or maybe they accidentally mentioned a Muslim committed a crime. Can't do that.

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he can't keep getting away with this

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Fucking Sam Hyde is elusive. He needs to be brought to justice.

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In less than 60 seconds he was able to kill 5 and wound others, which goes to show you that depending on police for your protection is insane. Also, reporters said they hid under their desks as they listen to him reload. Two things: 1. hiding under your desk is the first place a shooter would look and now you are literally trapped in a non-defensive position on your hands and knees. 2. When you hear someone re-loading, that's when you charge them. But then again these were reporters in a very liberal, anti-gun state and likely have no defense or weapons training, therefore their only course of action is to cower and become shotgun fodder.

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Who is this and what was the context?

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Well, looks like we'll be back on to gun control for the next month.

Sorry illegal migrant children. Liberals forgot you as of an hour ago.

EDIT: Jesus Christ, totally forgot about two days ago when Milo Yiannopolous was talking about vigilante squads gunning down journalists. Shit, well I guess forget Maxine Waters, and the harassment of conservative politicians too, because now its going to be about alt-right violence for the next month also. I wouldn't be surprised if this had been planned because of Milo's fucking texts, although I don't have much information on the shooting as of the moment.

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if any normal human being who is a conservative out there still thinks Milo isn't a subversive plant then you belong on the liberal team

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I agree with this. He has been here to discredit the whole thing from the beginning. Look at his evolution over time. Despite his bleached blonde 80s haircut, he tended to maintain the air of a fairly dapper intellectual - at first. He'd appear on talk shows and debates and truly play the part. It was believable. A few hundred thousand youtube views later and he is being hauled into events on a float by gay men like a pseudo-God and mentioning big black cocks every other statement of his talks. It's absolutely absurd.

It's either the case he was intentional subversion, or that as a gay and intelligent man he was able to sneak past the PC guards, gets some acclaim as a controversial conservative figure, and the stardom just went to his head. A total ego explosion.

I personally take the former, but I acknowledge the latter is possible.

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I've been a conservative for decades and I LOVE milo.

E: I was wrong about milo. So sad.

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Oh no, news reporters died, this is such a bad thing to happen lol

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My first thought as well.

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Should also consider there was a hit piece out on Milo written recently.


Now, I could give a shit about the kike faggot, but it wouldn't look good on the right.

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There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're under your desk and then hear the gunman reload

This is when you return fire and down the SOB. Oh wait, you're a MD reporter, so you're probably scared of guns and too busy telling everyone how bad they are to defend yourself. MD has conceal and open carry - this is an exact situation where you should have taken advantage of the right to defend yourself.

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call 91Hogg

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Open carry is foolhardy. You lose the complete element of surprise.

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It is practically impossible to get a concealed carry license in Maryland, you have to present your case to a judge and they decide if you need it. You have to have been threatened bodily or suffered violence before. I think it is mostly for (((jewelers)))-- people who carry large amounts of cash in the city.

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Lived in Maryland 2 years, thought to myself and decided to conceal carry anyway. Was making deliveries in Baltimore had to go thru the Welfare Coon 'hoods. Screw MD and their Laws!! Better to be judged by 12 that carried by Six. Also kept one in the car. did it for 2.5 Years. Never got caught or stopped once what they didn't know didn't hurt em.

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I figured it was difficult (I mean, it is MD after all), but I just glanced at the laws and saw it was an option.

You have to have been threatened bodily or suffered violence before

That's really fucked up. The first time could easily be the last.

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What are you talking about? Hardly anyone can get carry permits issued in MD. Only LEOs, politicians and armed security get CCPs

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Therefor everyone there deserves to be unarmed when they are being shot. They should have voted against that, revolted against that, or moved. No pity from me, theyve earned this.

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That page was 90% ads. Fox really is genuine trash.

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crap, I'm sorry about that. I have ad blocker so I didn't notice.

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Use archive.is, stop feeding the machine

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I'm surprised this is the first time the press was targeted honestly. With all the shit they pull and the lives they ruin with their lies, you'd think they'd piss off a lot more people.

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With all due respect, we don't have enough details yet to know that it's the press that was being targeted. For all we know, it could be a disgruntled employee, a jealous ex spouse, etc. We need more facts.

But on a side note, I hope it is indeed someone who wanted to target the press. Start with the journalists, then the lawyers next.

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That is true.

Though I stand behind the idea of what I said even if it wasn't this guy's motivation.

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By shooting the press it will unnerve the press and they will cover it like crazy.

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Any jews in there?

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I feel like the ATF went to the scene just because they were in the neighborhood.

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Well they were conducting a drill of an active shooter at a newspaper at the time of the shooting. I mean talk about luck right? That never happens.

I made this up but I feel like it might be true.

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LOL. What's the emoticon for slow clap?

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Well it is only 30 miles from the Capital.

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Common practice for an over-capacity of Law Enforcement to respond to a scene like this. Same goes for Firefighters and EMS. Stand around and chalk-up overtime Hours. I knew a Firefighter who did this trick for years... Claims he made an average extra 30K/yr doing it he called it 'cake icing'.

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