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Leftists: "Well that just proves the degree to which white people force blacks to live in violent neighborhoods! How can you see this and conclude it isn't evidence of racism??"

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You are so right lmao

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Liberals dont seem to understand that throwing money at a problem does not fix it. You know what happens when you thro money at niggers? They demand more. Throw gibs at them? Not god enough. You can't appease the inner nigger, no matter how hard you try

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Because they had every right to go back.

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"That just proves how insidious the systems of control are! They don't have the ability to move to nicer neighborhoods because of their bad credit and the low amount of welfare they get."

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Which further proves that no situation has ever been improved by adding niggers. Miami is no different.

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They ARE killing each other. That's some improvement

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Can we encourage them to do it faster?

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Not fast enough. While also breeding like plague animals.

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What's the rate of deaths to births?

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Those cities have waged a perfect experiment in how to destroy civility and basic humanity. Liberal policies like welfare addiction imposed on a low iq population for decades has shown us how to create a human zoo. They are literally regressing into hunter gatherer tribes.

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So if gun triggers had basic literacy questions crime would disappear.

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What we need are guns that shoot backwards if they sense they are being held by a nigger. No, wait ... that wouldn't work ... niggers might actually hit something.

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the thing is that there are almost no white communities left TOP kek

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There are, but you need to be able to afford them. White people are a resource. As supply drops, the price increases.

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we don't have a gun problem. we don't have a violence problem. what we have is a nigger problem.

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At some point genetics has to be discussed- I believe the “warrior gene” and it’s expression likely is playing a large role here.

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bad genes + single motherhood = disaster

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