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Winning assuming we can get him replaced of course. Preferably with another constitutionalist.


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Cue the libs screaming for "balance."

We should give them the same "balance" they gave us when they shoved that little communist goblin Major-Sodapop through.


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https://archive.fo/XDapq :

BREAKING: Supreme Court Swing Vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy, Announces Retirement | Daily Wire

'On Wednesday, in a move that had long been rumored by Republicans and long dreaded by Democrats, Justice Anthony Kennedy — the swing vote on the Supreme Court — announced his retirement. '

'The war over Trump’s next nominee will be brutal; it’s been generations since an actual swing vote retired. '

'Kennedy’s replacement by an originalist could dramatically shift the balance of power on the court, and make Chief Justice John Roberts the new swing vote. '

'This retirement also comes at a time when the Supreme Court has handed down a spate of close 5-4 decisions benefiting First Amendment protections, disappointing Democrats. '

'Here was Kennedy’s letter announcing his retirement:Democrats and members of the Left have immediately shifted into panic mode, suggesting that Kennedy’s retirement will end with the overturning of the egregious Roe v. '

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