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Alternative headline: "28% of Americans are cucked retards."

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Domestic propaganda was illegal until an NDAA change in 2012. You're not just seeing things. The news has become legit propaganda. (It may have been propaganda before, but they had to at least hide it until this NDAA amendment.)

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The fake news niggers on both sides is going to start a 2nd civil war. Shame on those bastards. They must be held accountable.

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Think about that: forget about (((news))) programs there will never be another TV show without an agenda. Or a movie. Or music. Or books. The world is in a sad state

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I would say more than that. I have it figured that over half of this country are full-fledged sheeptards

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Yeah, it was just a little quip to invert the stat #. You are clearly right that the # is much, much higher.

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28% of Americans are fuckin’ stupid

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What no one here is realizing is that the 72% includes people who think Trump positive news is fake. The percentage doesn't mean 72% of people are seeing through the lies. It means a lot of people are still sheep but believe they are not.

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This is a good point, ask a liberal about FOX news sometime, they consider it fake news in the sense that they don't recognize it as controlled opposition, they think it's true opposition to what they recognize as "objective" aka leftist CNN.

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Over 28% of "Americans are spics and niggers" now.

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That actually correlates well. I mean, niggers are about 13% so that's probably 100% nigger retardation with about 50% hispanic retardation.

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"28% of those polled have a personal investment in the lies."

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The sooner this 72% realize that the media are anti-white jews the sooner we can have an expulsion party

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right because they deserve live freight transport to israel and israel should exist right cheesebooger?

they deserve a sovereign country to exist in right cheesebooger? because israel is a sovereign country right cheesebooger?

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Israel has no right to exist. It is Palestine. all askanazi9's must return to Russia/Ukraine

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Only thing I can say to this is NO SHIT REALLY

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My family makes up the entire 28 percent of retards.

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That % is only going to get higher. Everything is a bubble and they always push the envelope until it pops. We've seen it again and again. They always double down on failing strategies. People are reaching their limit on how programmed they can be. The youth have a fresh outlook and are not going to swallow the huge tangled mess of lies.

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That is for sure

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News should be held accountable for causing the second civil war.

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They'll certainly profit from reporting, their version, of it.

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