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"SCOTUS today held that requiring nonmembers of public-sector unions to pay fees to cover collective-bargaining activities violates the First Amendment, overruling longstanding precedent (opinion in Janus here)."

This means if you're at a job with a union and you don't join in the marxism they can no longer force you to pay their faggot communist fees.

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This will devastate a lot of them. Too many unions fund democrats and far left causes while most of their make up are working class republicans. All they need to do is get informed on this and say "hey, I prefer to not lose all that money every month supporting open border policies to steal my job and have my daughters raped by shit skins."

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These guys are pissed at the leadership, and will simply say that they do not agree with how things are run. This is a very devastating blow to the unions, and we may see all the states becoming right to work states in the next few years.

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If a union can't survive without this power, it probably wasn't very beneficial to its members to begin with. I love the focus on free speech in the ruling too. My country is feeling more like the country I learned about growing up.

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Rip unions. Wages will fall and with it aggregate demand and then we'll be in a recession.

Unions aren't the best solution, but until government puts in any effort to support workers, unions are the best we have to resist corporate feudalism.

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Where were the unions when the jobs went overseas? Where were the unions when wages stagnated? Unions existed before employee owned was a thing. Employee owned where people have a stake in the success of the organization will probably be what takes over in the end.

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Unions aren't powerful enough. Companies have all of the tools you mentioned to undermine labor but unions have comparatively little power.

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That is a drastic oversimplification. Unions don't have teeth; that's the responsibility of its members.

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Holy fucking shit!

This means that the teachers unions are done for.

Holy shit!

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Teacher unions collapsing would probably be one of the best things to happen to our education system possible.

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Unions are a good thing. Forcing people to join them. Not a good thing.

Also forcing unions to negotiate for people who don't join. Not a good thing.

You see the problem is the FORCING on both ends.

You shouldn't be forced to join a union...HOWEVER a union should be able to get seperate union contracts for only its members. Don't like it? Negotiate your own fucking contract or join the fucking union.

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Wow, that's goblin's dissent shows really how stupid she is. Diversity hire.