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& Of course he runs a charity to protect kids, it's a recurring theme now.

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Would it surprise you to find that the individual who kickstarted the sexual revolution also supported the idea that children were inharently sexual?

This individual even has a foundation named after them and is held in high regard by feminists for liberating them. To what end? Molestation? Such freedom.

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Name the names please.

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He is accused of trying to set up sexual encounters between himself and children as young as two years old

2 years old for fucks sake even the pedomomo prophet didn't do that

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And that is why I never give charity to anyone outside of family, close friends, or neighbors that I know personally.

Anyone holding the cup for someone else should be working instead, and if they aren't it's because they are stealing the same charity money.

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Don't play with democrat children and don't get pedo prizes.

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Pedophiles are drawn to children's organizations.

The factory that pollutes the river has employees on the anti-pollution board.

Nigger politicians only care about issues that affect niggers. (and Guam)

FBI CIA NSA spies only care about protecting their access to... well... you and your information.

If the Federal Reserve is ever audited like Ron Paul demanded, you can be sure there'll be a bunch of Jews on the oversight committee.

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(and Guam) Wait isn't that the island that was going to tip over if we put too much stuff on one side?

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It be capsizzzin an sheeeeit.

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I'm always a little suspicious of grown men who volunteer to work with children. Men typically find other people's children as little demons who should be thrown into a sack with a brick and tossed into a river.

So when a man volunteers to be around thousands of stranger's kids, I suspect he has ulterior motives. It's different for women- they practice and hone their natural nurturing instinct by dealing with other people's kids, so it's normal for them to want to be around them. But when a man wants to be around someone else's kids, he probably wants to fuck them.

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This reminds me of the Clinton Foundation or the lady connected to that previously that now has something to do with the Amber Alert system here in the states. These perverts often run organizations or such. Good find.

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Laura Silsby attempted to kidnap [33] Haitian children and was sprung by Bill Clinton after he leaned on Haitian authorities

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Monica Petersen was murdered because she knew to much about this.

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Amber alert only goes off when a parent kidnaps their kid out of state custody..

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He probably wrangled kids for Hollywood as well. All the stories I've read about producers and directors creating shows around children just so they have a steady influx of kids to abuse - sickening.

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Jimmy Saville.

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Staged foster parents.

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Abuse advocate for child rape with a charity to help. Is a child rapist. You get a special place in hell sir.

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It's a shame we live in a time where we can't send him there ourselves.

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But were the children wearing short tight shorts?

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Fox is in the hen house. This is why they should be killed. They are evil a cunning and will be your your baby-sitter for free.

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Death penalty.

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That’s too easy. I say put em in cages out in the open public so passers by can throw stuff and shout at em. Or bring back public lynchings.

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Fuck this man. I have a 2 year old. Fuck this fucker.

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Learn something from this story. Grown men shouldn't be running around volunteering to work with other people's kids. Typically we can't stand other people's children- you see it in the animal kingdom (a new alpha male lion will often kill the cubs of the previous alpha lion), it's hard wired into us.

So when a grown man is suddenly eager to spend lots and lots of time alone with strangers' children, he probably wants to fuck them. It's different for women- their nurturing instinct might draw them to want to volunteer and spend time with children in order to hone their child rearing skills for when they become mothers. Men shouldn't be doing this kind of work without a financial incentive- even then, you shouldn't be leaving kids alone with people like this.

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https://archive.fo/w9tNp :

Anti-child abuse advocate arrested for trying to have sex with kids | Daily Mail Online

'He is accused of sending the agents sexually explicit photographs of infants and toddlers, including some of the children engaged in sex acts with adults. '

'Davis is the chairman of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict - an organization devoted to ending sexual violence. '

'The New Yorker was arrested on Tuesday on child sex abuse and child pornography charges. '

'Prosecutors say despite his involvement in the organization, Davis exchanged text messages with undercover agents over the course of several weeks earlier this month. '

'The head of a charity that campaigns against sexual violence has been arrested in New York for child pornography and allegedly trying to meet with children as young as two for sex. '

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