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The Immunity Deal must have had information on the Clinton Foundation.

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I just read about the canadian friend of the clintons that donated 33 million to the clinton foundation after the state department said ok to his company getting the contract with khazhakstan after billclinton visited with him??? How the fuck was there no investigation into this obvious conflict of intrest.

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Bush sr moving forward

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immunity deal

just like illegal alien invaders have no right to a trial to fight against being deported, Assange isn't a US citizen to which he doesn't need an immunity deal against charges that don't apply. The bullshit is pretending there's authority to charge him to begin with.

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And he died years ago. If that secret got out. The USA would be a war zone.... killing the man makes him a martyer for freedom and ending government corruption.

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when will we know if he is confirmed dead?

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Face2face technology . He died when the black vans showed up, internet shutoff , ddos on the deadman switch. Pgp keys no longer match. The hunt for the recipients is the real threat. 1 person says “ this is truth” and the other 5 say “ no you modified the files, compare to our hashes. “ see the game ?

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I downvoat posts starting with BREAKING, JUST IN and BOMBSHELL.

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BREAKING BOMBSHELL JUST IN, 90% percent of the internet is now clickbait with made up statistics. You will be SHOCKED when you see how much doctors HATE the three African-American women secretly behind this AMAZING DISCOVERY.

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You need to try this!!

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I sperm your mom

Edit: to the downs voters....i sperm face your mom, also!

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Julian Assange should have just revealed the source, instead of using it as a bargaining chip, now he's most likely dead.

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The Deep State absolutely can NOT allow the truth to get out about Seth Rich.

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I'll b so happy when James Comey dies of old age.

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Yeah he killed it alright, by killing assange and replaceing him with a digital puppet.

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