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Round-Up, its what plants crave.

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Apparently what some voat retards crave as well. "give me muh freedom cancers!"

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Anyone can recognize the carcinogenic nature of its components.

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Your not the boss of me. I just joined the Marines , so I won't be yelled at by you !

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Found one, up on Reddit right now www.reuters.com/article/us-health-cancer-glyphosate/large-u-s-farm-study-finds-no-cancer-link-to-monsanto-weedkiller-idUSKBN1D916C

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They did the same thing to DDT, then a billion nignogs and street shitters died from malaria. There was much more benefit than harm, and those deaths can be squarely placed at the feet of the Eco-Left...nobody ever reminds them about that time they killed hundreds of millions though.

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wait, are we spose to be mad about that or celebrating?

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mfw this nigger is defending monsanto and GMO feces

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Round up is agent orange for civilian use.

I love the video of the Monsanto PR guy who said it is unsuccessfully used in suicide attempts and is harmless. Then he is offered a glass of it to drink.

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Yeah, and he refused it, but I don't know why that'd surprise anyone. It's not soda. It's an herbicide. It probably tastes like nail polish remover and borax. I wouldn't drink that. Not even to prove a point.

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Oh shit that was Monsanto? I'll have to watch that again.

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"No thanks, I just finished 5 glasses a few minutes ago!"

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Monsanto's trying to take over the Cannabis industry so it makes sense they would bump up their propaganda about how Roundup is safe because everybody knows that shit isn't

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We had a 20 year old who blew up machinery using chem. He is still in intensive care and it’s been months he won’t make a decent recovery for at least 6-12 months. Not a PEEP from local news. They spray crops with planes right over traffic!! Hold your breath, gotta be safe right? Farmers here are the ones with the newest houses and Monsanto checks coming in.

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I'm still trying to work out exactly what you meant by the first sentence, but it sounds like he got a slightly higher dosage than being misted by a plane.

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Sorry I’m not a very good at submitting. A mix of laziness and I find iPhones too small of an entry box I keep having to scroll up. blah. . Any who the guy operating equipment was working for a farmer and was using pesticides. When the crops need their dose they hire out planes to spray them over roadway on top of cars, pedestrians, homes, peoples bbq. I’ll try to work on submitting.. I was meaning two different incidents.

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Yesterday I was on the other site without adblocker and nearly every page had a promoted advertisement suggesting what I mentioned above. Today the add is nowhere to be found.

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There are still a ton of wells fargo ads to try and cover up the bullshit they pulled before.

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Deep state at wurk

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We care about plebbit?

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Just commenting, it's a pretty big deal considering the trial is still ongoing.

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Thier worst enemy, a man with nothing left to loose.

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Reddit = Israel

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