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The View is just the jewish liberal view. They are not compatible with America or most Americans views. Its kept on TV by jews. Joy Bahar is cancer.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=dDeFpi2qvFY :

Trump Supporter Brilliantly EDUCATE Joy Behar On Immigration - YouTube

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These people simply don't get it, do they? Having access to a country, following the processes, and becoming american over the course of years is not the same as border jumping and getting free gibs. Fuck the kikes for blurring the line between legal and illegal immigration. Also, it's not about the wall, it's about sending a message that America comes first. These cunts would be first in the bread line, wondering how their entire country got destroyed, because they refuse to understand that no, you can not have unlimited migration, and a healthy economy. Name me one fucking example in the current day where this is even remotely true

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I watched 3 minutes. It's embarrassing that women that stupid can be on TV. He told them hollywood are the Nazis now and they didn't get it. He told them they were the ones that were offended by Obama being named a muslim and still they didn't die,.

I couldn't take anymore of those imbeciles.

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Good interview.

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2 for 2 fails on thread titles and im done watching your view worship you fuckin wanker

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The View cunts get to me, I couldn't finish it. He seems articulate, that show needs to be ended. BUT HE'S NOT MUSLIM! He just clarified his fucking point Cunt. Then call him Barry.