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Because nothing says "Let's all move beyond our past" like trying to punish the sons for the sins of the fathers (or, in this case, for the great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers of the Africans doing the current lynching, when said long-dead black men sold their family as conquered slaves to the Jews sailing along their coastlines)...


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Everything about the SJW agenda is not about fairness, right and wrong, or equality - it is all about flipping the script. Once whites become the minority you will see what real racism looks like.


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If they want to try to flip the script, let's flip the script back on them.

If they cry about "muh Strong Thurman party flip", demand that they point out exactly who else among the Democrats known to be KKK members flipped (put a particular focus on Robert Byrd, the man who filibustered the Civil Rights Act for somewhere between 24-48 hours, the man who was one of the highest-ranking people in the entire KKK, and the man who Hillary Thrice-Damned Clinton called her "friend and mentor" at his funeral.)

If they cry about "muh racism", ask them what specific meeting or appointment made Lyndon B. Johnson (the Democrat who popped into JFK's seat before they had even cleaned the bloody brains off of it) "miss" MLK Jr. 's funeral, yet Richard "I'm not a crook" Nixon was there to honor the reverend's memory. Might be good to remind everyone that BOTH of the black Civil Rights leaders, MLK and Malcolm X, were Republicans (while Voat may be happier to recall that Malcolm X didn't have any problems with white nationalists as long as they didn't have a problem with black/Muslim nationalists).

If they cry "muh sexism", demand that they answer for "the lives of the millions of little girls who were slaughtered in the womb in the name of their so-called 'women's health' movement", and if they try to claim that the aborted babies "weren't even feasible" or "wouldn't have been raised right due to the mother being so poor", reply back with an immediate "Have you ever stopped to think how different your life would be if your mother had believed in the same anti-child excuses that you do?"


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And life was still better as a slave than back home eating dried bats.


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People forget that it was very often the slave-owners themselves who taught the slaves to read (or at least had their servants or their older slaves do it), especially in Northern states where there wasn't as much need for dumb farm labor as there was on the plantations of the South.