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I literally only heard of him one place, and that was on the social media pages for (((Milo Yiannopolis))), the so-called "based" gay Jew.

Given how the Jew couldn't stop talking about how much black cock he took up the ass and happily promoted retards who were supporting anti-white agendas (such as this dead asshole) while appearing on the "liberal opposition" shows of other Jews like (((Alex Jones))) in Texas and (((Rebel Media))) in Canada, I think we have long passed the point where we can start labeling him for what he truly is.


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If there was 1 thing that "Jones" wasn't lying about, it's that these people either worship demons or act like they're modern-day ghouls/vampires. The important part that he forgot to mention: A big chunk of the people "Jones" brought onto his show weren't any fucking better than those creepy old bastards.