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Excellent! I hope this becomes a trend that overtakes the entire western world.

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Just delete 'western' and I'd be even more thrilled.

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We must also have 'DRAW JEW" events

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That’s a pretty regular thing around here.

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lol, this is going to get interesting, or a total non event

of course this is going to get bloody if anyone actually submit a cartoon with his name on it, now if it's anonymously done they can't do shit, target anyone publishing it eventually, and then how do you give someone a prize without IDs?

Anyway, if it turns violent, which is highly predictable btw, it only demonstrates once again that islam/muslims aren't compatible with western societies

And if the contest isn't allowed by authorities for fear of escalation, same deal

"I make a drawing you want to kill me who's the problem?"

And evidently at least one muslim will fall for it and go full jihad lol

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And at least one?? Nah. It’ll be a group or mob. There will be an attack. And the lefties will justify it and keep being suicidal.

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And the lefties will justify it and keep being suicidal.

Which is fucked up innit? I swear in the 90's the Left was the party of "You can't fuckin tell me what to do!" I guess their bitchasses got punched a time or two and decided "okay, you can tell me what to do, just don't kill me."

I guess when you're the party that abandons personal defense and accountability and espouses individual impotence in favor of government control, this outcome is no surprise.

[–] kalgon 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Worst outcome is barely anybody participating out of fear of being targeted or muzzies doing nothing at all but ranting

But if it turns into muzzies physical attack or .gov "preventive censorship", it's a win for wilders and anti islam camp in general, proving once again there's indeed a little issue here, with muslims, and cartoons

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This will play right into ((( their ))) hands.

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Unfortunately yes and when you mention islam is a distraction everyone calls you a shill..

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I think that if you want to send migrants back in the future, how much success will you have after ridiculing the people that you need to take them? It's counter productive and makes me suspicious of their true intentions.

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The Dutch aren't much.

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Hope they're prepared for the fallout.

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Can't wait to see the cartoons so they can post them on Islamic websites and stir up the Snackbars! Do it for the lulz.

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A bunch of unarmed Dutchmen are trying to provoke a shit ton of armed savages who already live right next door.

This can't possible backfire in any way.

I'm not against this, I'm just saying that maybe you shouldn't partake in this kind of activity if you aren't well prepared for the likely violent reaction you're going to get.

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Gonna be a blast.

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