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Without doxxing myself too much I mostly grew up in Newcastle and recently went back there after a good 15 years away and it's gone from a minor shithole into a major one. I thought the town would deal with it's growing pains but instead they decided to open it up to unlimited investment and multiculturalism with a vision in mind that somewhat resembles a third breed between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane like it's trying to be the jack of all trades and master of none to remain flexible. Seriously they're building fucking tram lines like it's 1918 there while simultaneously making all new buildings 10-15 stories tall or there abouts, traffic is a fucking nightmare compared to Sydney and if you played spot the Aussie and took a shot every time you saw an obvious foreigner you'd die of alcohol poisoning within 15 minutes.

So am I shocked that the epitome of a multiculti shithole has resulted in the sexual assault of an 11yo girl? Hell no. That shit is now part and parcel and you novacastrian fucks better get used to it or remove everyone, especially the muslims though you should leave the kebab shop in Beaumont street Hamilton for last as those goat fuckers make the best kebabs in the world, otherwise it will happen again and eventually become a normal part of life. Don't believe me? Just wait and maybe your daughter may be next.

Seriously though get your hands on a Beaumont street kebab from Oasis opposite the Kent hotel. They're almost good enough to believe in multiculturalism.


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Aus has niggers?