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If he is murdered, and there isn't a civil war, then Britain is lost.

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A civil war is a stretch quite frankly, but a serious public backlash, protests and riots, the whole political class who didn't oppose this held in contempt over this for years by a sizable share of the public, yeah, that's likely

This plus this plus this plus the economy going to the shitter.... (I can't recall a case of genuine civil war/mass rebellion of the citizenry which didn't have some serious economic issues as background) Yeah, at some point it cracks and from there it keeps going down

I mean this is only the beginning, people are only starting now to realize how bad this whole creeping shariah and demographic mess really is, problems forecasted decades ago are starting to kick in now, shit is getting quite real

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Britain is already lost

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Not going to be, the British media is so controlled there has been next to nothing reported about him or the related demonstrations in London. They are simply just not reported.
The uk media is controlled politicians ,the politicians are in the pockets of European super state. The police are petrified of being called racist and have been covering up the Muslim rape scene .

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It’s already lost. Stop with this bullshit and just accept it already. No one is going to fight back in any capacity. And who cares about this zionist, anyway?

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This is all to plan, he was given a death sentence just like the bacon sandwich guy was.

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That's an idea constantly floating in the background of my thought process, what is actual blunder and what is actually done on purpose to extract the predictable reaction from "us"

Strategy of tension, sort of

It's not easy to constantly have to deal with that sort of two headed beast

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I think the jews want us to slaughter the muslims for them, and with all the distraction we'll forget momentarily who the priority really is.

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If you're conservative, white, and british, and they come to arrest you; fight for your life. They'll kill you, or have you killed, if they get cuffs on you.

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Anything happens to Tommy, Mosques and Bobbies need to start burning immediately.

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Can we add BBC and EU to the list .

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Also, every other person in the chain of responsibility.
Prison Governor. Guards. Judge's clerks. Everyone.

Play this shit using Nuremberg Rules. Everyone gets it, even if
you were just the guy who handed out the stripey pajamas and gay hats.

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It's a damn shame but that kid is as dead as Cesar. And the crown put him there. Welcome to your dictatorship!

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This can turn out really bad if the shit hits the fan. The result is so unpredictable and the outcome would, no matter which way you look at it not end well. "No good can come out of it"

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He needs to begin acting-out so that they have no choice but to put him in solitary.

Trash his cell. Refuse every order the guards give him. Throw his food everywhere and clog the toilet with toilet paper. Piss on the floor.

He'll be out of contact with everyone for a while if he does this, but it will save his life.

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Why no mention of which prison? It makes a difference, they're not all the same, in some the ragheads will struggle to get to him, in others they'll find it easy. Also, anyone writing to Tommy will need to know, his prisoner number won't change but mail and money directed to the old prison might take months to reach him. It wouldn't have taken much just to say he's been moved to HMP Whatever.

Inmates bang on walls and shout things all night long in most UK prisons. Inmates have been shouting death threats at each other for decades, there's probably not a night in the last 30 years where some of our more notorious inmates haven't been encouraged to hang themselves.

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Time for civil war in Britain. If this doesn't do it you all deserve to have the monarchy and parliament use on you guillotines for minor crimes you commit for not fighting back against these pedophiles losers.

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