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I've been saying this for years. I have spanish "friends" that will admit they have no spanish friends because they don't trust their own people but get outraged about how Trump handles "illegal immigrants". No matter how many times I tell him to shut his mouth and stop defending criminals he only agrees for a few days until the news spins it and he's outraged again. It's a futile effort to change another culture, you need people in their own group to stand up and denounce behaviors that degrade societies.

BLM marching because someone got hurt fighting the police, after committing a crime, when a likely tax-paying society contributing citizen calls them for help is just a march against America.


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You mean you have Mexican friends? Or Latino friends? The Spanish are white, even if their blood has been muddied from hundreds of years of Muslim occupation. But yeah, the Spanish are white and Mexicans are just subhuman with a drop of Spanish blood.