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A race realist. The right should really stop using vilification words made up by Bolsheviks for one.

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Nah sorry buddy, but genetics are real, biology exists, blacks suffer from sickle cell and only whites can drink milk and get away scot-free without indigestion.

Race is a way of categorizing genetic groupings, and our genes do in fact powerfully influence our culture. not indomitably as we have seen, they can be overwritten sometimes through heavy training and torture, but only from the top-down and not from the bottom-up.

You can only train a nigger so much to be civil, but you can absolutely break any white person into becoming a nigger, especially if you get them when they're kids.


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I've been saying this for years. I have spanish "friends" that will admit they have no spanish friends because they don't trust their own people but get outraged about how Trump handles "illegal immigrants". No matter how many times I tell him to shut his mouth and stop defending criminals he only agrees for a few days until the news spins it and he's outraged again. It's a futile effort to change another culture, you need people in their own group to stand up and denounce behaviors that degrade societies.

BLM marching because someone got hurt fighting the police, after committing a crime, when a likely tax-paying society contributing citizen calls them for help is just a march against America.


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Race shapes culture. Culture shapes society. Also part of this is IQ. IQ hugely shapes culture and society. Of which race is a huge factor.

It is impossible to have an honest discussion on society or culture without including race and IQ as a topic.


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I prefer in group preference personally. I'm not a racist, I just prefer white people.
Strongly prefer.


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It's not gaycist to prefer straight women.

It's not placist to prefer your hometown.

It's not facist to prefer beautiful people.

It's not daycist to prefer the weekend.

It's not laycist to prefer sleep lying down.

It's not maycist to prefer spring.

It's not paycist to only serve paying customers.

It's not waycist to avoid bad neighborhoods.

It's not yaycist to prefer positive and friendly people.

It's not racist to love your extended family and prefer them over the rest of the world.

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How are brigadiers going to spin this one?


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The right in the US like to use the 'but their the real wasists' or the old 'democrat plantation' bullshit. The overwhelming majority of niggers and spics don't give a shit about anything libertarian let alone right wing politics, they want free hand outs and will vote for anyone who promises it.