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A race realist. The right should really stop using vilification words made up by Bolsheviks for one.

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There's no such thing as a racist. People chronically confuse race for culture because very few people understand how culture shapes identity.

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Nah sorry buddy, but genetics are real, biology exists, blacks suffer from sickle cell and only whites can drink milk and get away scot-free without indigestion.

Race is a way of categorizing genetic groupings, and our genes do in fact powerfully influence our culture. not indomitably as we have seen, they can be overwritten sometimes through heavy training and torture, but only from the top-down and not from the bottom-up.

You can only train a nigger so much to be civil, but you can absolutely break any white person into becoming a nigger, especially if you get them when they're kids.

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I've been saying this for years. I have spanish "friends" that will admit they have no spanish friends because they don't trust their own people but get outraged about how Trump handles "illegal immigrants". No matter how many times I tell him to shut his mouth and stop defending criminals he only agrees for a few days until the news spins it and he's outraged again. It's a futile effort to change another culture, you need people in their own group to stand up and denounce behaviors that degrade societies.

BLM marching because someone got hurt fighting the police, after committing a crime, when a likely tax-paying society contributing citizen calls them for help is just a march against America.

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Race shapes culture. Culture shapes society. Also part of this is IQ. IQ hugely shapes culture and society. Of which race is a huge factor.

It is impossible to have an honest discussion on society or culture without including race and IQ as a topic.

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I prefer in group preference personally. I'm not a racist, I just prefer white people.
Strongly prefer.

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It's not gaycist to prefer straight women.

It's not placist to prefer your hometown.

It's not facist to prefer beautiful people.

It's not daycist to prefer the weekend.

It's not laycist to prefer sleep lying down.

It's not maycist to prefer spring.

It's not paycist to only serve paying customers.

It's not waycist to avoid bad neighborhoods.

It's not yaycist to prefer positive and friendly people.

It's not racist to love your extended family and prefer them over the rest of the world.

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You don't really prefer white people. You prefer people who make you feel comfortable. White culture makes you feel more comfortable than Black Culture. Even niggers recognize this.

If you grew up with black friends and you saw eye-to-eye with them, you would prefer them over white strangers.

My point being it's not really the race. It's always the culture. The culture that causes you the least amount of problems and gives you the most benefits is the culture you prefer. For most of us that happens to be white culture.

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How are brigadiers going to spin this one?

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The right in the US like to use the 'but their the real wasists' or the old 'democrat plantation' bullshit. The overwhelming majority of niggers and spics don't give a shit about anything libertarian let alone right wing politics, they want free hand outs and will vote for anyone who promises it.

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You know, I have noticed Chinese/Asian people squat. It's funny because my husband and I just recently discussed this. "Why do Asian people always squat when they smoke?" and a couple days later I saw one squatting to eat a bag of chips.
...It's a thing. Why do I have to be racist to notice it?
It's all thought control.

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It is a thing, it's called the asian squat. Just happens to be a resting posture that is common in some asian countries. Tried to do it myself, just can't (you need to be able to squat with your feet flat, i.e. not on your toes). Think there is some sort of physiological difference that makes it hard for white people to do that.

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Nope, it's just mobility. I wasn't previously able to do this either. But I started working on ankle mobility, and it was only a couple of weeks before I was able to squat flat-footed. I also started focusing on the squat as a hip-hinge, which tends to make it a more hip/back dominant exercise, as opposed to how most people squat in the olympic style (which is very upright torso and far less hip flexion). After a few weeks, I noticed all low back pain disappeared, my hips and ankles were far more flexible as well.

It is a natural human resting position, and its observed among slavic countries as well. Actually, I kind of thought the slavs were far more famous for this than asians (unless we are using asians in that really, really broad sense).

This squat stretches/releases all the muscles of the posterior chain and when you stand up out of it, you feel remarkably more loose. If your hams or glutes were tight/short from sitting for a long time, do this for a minute or two and take an inventory of how you feel afterward.

There is a lot of variability in hip structure in humans, namely in the bony notch where the femur inserts. Some people can't achieve as much hip flexion without the femur running into the back of the acetabulum. It can make going into a full-depth squat like this more difficult for some. Basically, if this is your situation, then when you try to full-depth squat, you get an effect called "butt wink", and you'll see it as your pelvis tilting back at the bottom of your squat (makes it look like your butt is winking). Adjusting your stance can help. Again, if this is you, try placing your feet wider and pointing the toes outward at 35 degrees or so. If your knees are tracking over the toes, this will also cause your knees to go outward as you squat, which is what you want (if this is your situation). Also, on the subject of butt wink. As long as it isn't massive, it's really no big deal, especially if you aren't loading the squat (and just using your bodyweight instead).

EDIT: An excellent way to increase ankle flexion mobility (so you can squat flat-footed) is to mark a line about 5 inches from a wall. On the leg you are going to work, put the tip of your toes at this line. On the opposite leg, just kneel down on your knee. Now, on the work leg, attempt to touch your knee to the wall without lifting your heel off the ground at all, or allowing your toes to cross the line. If you can't at first, just spend some time in the furthest position you can reach without lifting your heel and stay there. You can use your bodyweight to force things a little, but don't go crazy. Work this for a few weeks and your ankle mobility will increase a lot.

EDIT 2: Some people have said they have trouble getting into this squat resting position because they end up falling backward. First thing I would try would be widening your stance slightly. Ultimately, this is because you need more hip flexion to balance your center of gravity. Your torso is probably too upright at the bottom of the squat. Keep in mind, however, you don't want to just bend forward and introduce a lot of curvature in your back either. Maintain a relatively straight back. Again, some slight lumbar curvature (butt wink) is okay, but if you are curving in the thoracic spine, you are doing it wrong. You can also try tucking your elbows on the inside of your knees. This causes you to shift your arms in front of your body by interior rotation at the shoulder, and will help keep your weight forward.

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The Slavs would disagree. Look up the "Slav squat."

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Common in Russia and Slovenia, too.

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I love squatting, definitely not just an asian thing. Why do you think we have hair around our asshole? Evolution with cold air whipping through our legs when we were squatting. Just kidding.. or am I?

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Similarly, American men cross their legs by resting an ankle across the opposite knee, but Europeans cross their legs by just throwing one thigh across the other and the lower leg hangs down.

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Yes, both of which are bad for the hip area long term. The opposite is true for the squat.

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Can confirm, old Korean cook always squatted, but the slavs also squat.

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I knew a Puerto Rican dude like that. I thought it was just a cultural thing too.

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In 1946, speaking at Lincoln University, the first degree-granting historically black university in the U.S., Einstein said that racism was a "disease of white people" and added “I do not intend to be quiet about it," according to a 2007 article in the Harvard Gazette.

Einstein was a founder of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and left it his literary estate and personal papers. He declined an invitation to serve as Israel's first president.

He died in 1955 at the age of 76.

Yet Professor Watson which helped map out DNA says the truth about the IQ of niggers and loses his Nobel Peace Prize. BTW he's still alive I guess Mr. Watson can't exercise his Jew Privilege.

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I don't know why but I always figured Einstein was a cool Jew. But it turns out he is just another example of the Eternal Jew. He couldn't help but get to jewing.

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Einstein was a patent clerk who stole everything ever attributed to him. Hell, he even admitted it. He justified it by saying that all scientists advance their work on the back of others, but what he failed to say is that those scientists actually cite their sources in their works.

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All Jews are racist. It is known.

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Especially when they’re pretending to be white

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Well this obviously negates all of his research. We need to scrap all of our thoughts on how mass and energy interact, some racist guy from 100 years ago can't be given credit.

We also need to pretend we're in the 1900s (BUT NOT RACISTS) when it comes to televisions...They are inherently racist because Einstein was. It's no wonder the black man was held down for so long, white magic was cast on TV sets to keep da black man down via Einstein's research on the quantum theory of light.

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No goy, it's okay, he's one of the chosen and therefore an oppressed minority. He has no privilege, remember the 6 million, and all that rot.

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Einstein was a fraud though. He really shouldn't have been given credit.

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Aren't all jews by definition racist?

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Sorry Albert, too late for that. The kikes in Israel are busy spraying them with tanks full of shit and piss.

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"..niggers from Africa are bad, but they aren't near as bad as the niggers in this new country, America. The niggers here need to be exterminated. I see my fellow Juden are using them like a weapon against the government and the people. It makes me hate my own people, the Jude." - A. Einstein

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