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I pray for Trumps success in MAGA. Not much will please me more than seeing crazed Anti-Trumpers have to deal with Trumps success. Its going to be an interesting 8 years.

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I dance around and throw rice in my fire place

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Many liberals would rather see NK nuke US than seeing Trump getting credit for something.

That should tell you about their priorities.

Like literally, Trump drinking a glass of water would make into their "news." Calling leftist mentally ill is an understatement.

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As do I. We'll be well stocked in salt reserves if it comes to pass

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I see a political pattern developing here.

Nixon opened talks with China and ended the Vietnam War. The (((MSM))) hated him and drove him from office.

Trump opened talks with Kim and ended the Korean War. The (((MSM))) hates him and is trying to drive him from office.

Maybe it's time we stop the (((MSM))). Maybe it's time we get rid of them by any means necessary.

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Leave it to the man with the world's biggest balls to get the world's ball rolling.

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Actually I have the largest balls. The doctor said they were abnormally large for my age when I was younger.

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Back in my reddit days, I was topping r/bigdickproblems here and there. I know the burden you bear

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i bet you cant even afford to serve shrimps at your balls fag

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I'm sure Dr. Schlomo said a lot of things to keep you coming back for exams.

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What else did your doc say about your genitals when you were younger? I'm asking for.... for a friend.

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I wonder how China would react to a peaceful coalition between the Us, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula.

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You make it sound like they don't want peace.

Everybody wants peace. It's common sense. Let's be honest, all these politicians are more interested in fat retirement funds than seeing the whole earth turned into nuclear wasteland.

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I want to visit Japan so much, esp. Northern Japan and it's natural beauty and temples.. Am a fan of their culture for years, except for the dolphin kills, loved the old Samurai movies, Not one country is perfect,

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Only President Trump has the common sense and maturity to meet with our enemies and find out exactly wtf is going on and how to make things better for everyone. KAG! In this instance President Kim was treated like a human being perhaps for once in his life (if you watched the entire Rodman interview) and it all makes sense and falls into place.

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More like Kim is willing to listen because Trump is a real president.

On the other hand his predecessor like Obongo and Clinton are globalist banker's mouthpiece.

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Just don't show Kim the anime. He's not ready for this.

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4D Chess. China just lost some maneuvering space on the board.
You could see it in the G7 photo. Abe and Trump are in lock step.

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President Trump made friends with NK which is right next to China.

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