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Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of Stalin-esque fuckbags.

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As newspapers decline and disappear, the Jews lose one of their main propaganda instruments with which they have been brainwashing white Christians for so many decades. They are at present feverishly working to replace them with Internet companies such as Google and Facebook, but as yet they don't have the complete control they had with newspapers.

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Very likely what this is about: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20180611/22420640014/ending-memes-eu-copyright-directive-is-no-laughing-matter.shtml

Proposed EU copyright directive. Not just for the meme thing, but to make aggregation harder in general.

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I used to read ours, then Gannet bought it and it became nothing but ads, opinion and propaganda.

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I used to buy my local paper for parrot cage liner. Now it’s not even worth my bird taking a shit on.

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If I had a local paper worth a shit, I'd love to subscribe. Virtually every paper in the country is owned by a few (((media conglomerates))), so fuck 'em.

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I really miss a normal newspaper. Had to cancel our vile Cleveland Plain Dealer. I miss being informed by mail on everything.. How do you know what's going on if you have to find out what's going on?

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Maybe the media bullshit we are witnessing now is a last ditch attempt to spin stories to attract readers before the old giants die.

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People are starting to cotton on to the fact, newspapers in all formats do not provide news any longer. Add to that most want TV fix for news

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