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A few lessons that other people can learn from this mess:

  1. Don't get drunk.

  2. Don't do drugs.

  3. Don't put your hands on another girl unless you're married to her.

  4. (Bonus) Don't marry any girl who believes in divorce.

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Solid advice to mitigate risk.

I've discovered 4 is generally tied to if the spouses parents stayed married or were divorced.

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Lately, I have been lurking voat. I had to sign in to upvote this.

This is terrific advice.

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Never trust a feminist, or a woman raised in the west. They're trash.

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That only works if you're a Somalian or a Muslim.

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It must be fun for you to think fantasies like that while you wallow in a dark room, jacking off to anime.

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Dude, dragging a girl's limp corpse behind a dumpster and fingering her when she's too drunk to even know what the fuck's happening isn't ok. Yeah, they were both drunk, but clearly one of them was a lot more drunk than the other. I get that the hysteria overreaches sometimes, like with that fucking Rolling Stone article that made up bold-faced lies about the college frat, but let's not go to the other extreme and suggest that every single accused sex predator is innocent.

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They were both engaging in degenerate behavior pushed by the media as normal. They both went too far. A responsible woman doesn't get passed-out drunk. A responsible man doesn't take advantage of a helpless woman behind a dumpster.

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He didn't take advantage...he stopped.

A nigger or spic would have raped the fuck out of her in that situation.

She didn't even know her vagina had been penetrated, read the court docs.

The cop says he could see Turner's boner bulging out of his pants AFTER the white knights ran him down and tackled him, and were sitting on him...sure pig, sure ya did.

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This is absolutely true. It's not OK. It's also not rape.

It's almost as if we need more nuance in these situations, something in between "party foul" and "sex offender registry for the rest of your life".

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When words are literally rape there is no middle ground.

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bias against women in the legal system?

Is she in Saudi Arabia?

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Your comment was refreshing, but also made me rage, not at you, but at what you wrote and how true it is.

We're now officially fucked. Judges are now going to become increasingly biased against straight white christian males.

We're very close to a violent Civil War.

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If a false accusation gets me dead, I'll fight for my life to kill the accuser.

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This is Sweden. Who gives a fuck? These people are willingly destroying themselves - their woman want to be raped - so why should I fucking care???

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brock turner happened in the united states, swedish students are the ones who "caught" him

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found the InCel

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incels dont fingerfuck anyone

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"Don't you know? Anyone who disbelieves a rape accusation by a strong independent feminist is a "Incel", Jezebel told me so it must be true! I bet your wife's boyfriend doesn't even let you clean up after he's done you incel!" ~/u/KannibalKuck 2018

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"thinking it's unjust to be imprisoned and ruined for life for an imaginary rape makes you an incel"

Found the Soyboy Orbiter, I'm sure your "girlfriend" will have sex with you eventually, keep spending all your income buying things for her and Tyrone.

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