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fake news. Not only was this posted 3 months ago if you click the link called "Articles Source" (apparently the article doesn't possess the source and the one article is actually a multitude of articles) it links to the landing page for a website called "Viral US for Trump", once on that site you are met with large bold letters stating NOTHING FOUND. No article, no source, nothing at all. Worthless faggots.

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He was detained in France back in 98 regarding an international prostitution ring that involved muzz and under-aged girls. He was never charged.

Even a crude search "robert deniro 1998 sex bust" yields plenty of results.

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Holy fuck!!! Snopes was really fast on this one.

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It's real, but for some reason the above article is being farmed around fake news sites a lot right now. I suspect in order to drive the fake news narrative and make it look like alt-media exists to punish those who speak out against trump.

Here's a more reliable link.

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Nice. You nailed it.

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Here is an article from back in 1998 of De Niro's own lawyer complaining about him being detained for questioning: Cops grill De Niro on prostitution ring

It was in France. Prostitution is legal there, but pimping and procuring is not. He was questioned for nine hours, but not charged. The French consider sex with 15 year old girls to be legal, hence the reason he was not charged.

Being a client of a prostitution agency that specialises in young girls is still creepy as fuck, regardless whether or not it is legal in the country where it took place.

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Thanks patriot!

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Punchy the Pedo.

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He has to be a pedo. Only thing that makes sense.

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Most of us understood the ones who made the most noise had the most to lose. I can't wait to find out what dirt Michael Moore is hiding.

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As much as I dislike this bastard, this is still fake news.

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It's actually not, it's just old news

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I stand corrected... Set the bastard on fire then piss on him.

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It's fair to call it fake news when the the shit actually happened 20 years ago and nothing ever came of it. Just the saying he was caught is fake news. If he was caught he would have been charged. If he was only suspected, accused, or questioned about it then that's what the healine should say.

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horse shit..

DeNiro is a PIMP and a kid fucking degenerate.

As much as I hate you fake fucks... I hate you more now.

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oy vey more jewish sexual degenerates. It is part of jewish culture.

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lol..... .info.

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Well, we know he is a degenerate oil driller, even married a nigger, he looks like a pedo to me but its not been proven, lets wait till he's charged if ever. He is associated with Weinstein so thats close enough really. Like the true piece of shit he is, it will come back on him.

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Anything this old shouldn’t be posted in news regardless if it’s fake or not.

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I don't take the word "news" to mean a story is new but that it is some bit of information that may be relevant.

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