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all that scheming and plotting and they still lost. hahahaha. fucking slime bags.


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If you look at the chart with just the right "magic eye" focus you can see a circular firing squad pointing at the DNC.

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Nice picture, but when you link to 8chan, the picture will only last as long as the parent thread. On slow boards this could be months or even years, but since I'm assuming this came from /pol/, chances are the link will be dead in a few days.

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That's simply far too much information for any libtard to comprehend.

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Brennan and the CIA likely orchestrated all of this. Obama was not smart enough.

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The DNC is a cesspit of swamp dwellers, no matter how you try to polish a turd its always going to be a turd

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Who gives a shit? The REAL issue is ISREAL and the Jewish control of our country. We need to stop that problem before we even deal with these morons.