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It has been shown repeatedly that raising the minimum wage hurts the poor the most.

In other work (Neumark and Wascher 2007a), we review the entire recent body of literature on the employment effects of minimum wages, encompassing more than one hundred papers written since the early 1990s…In our lengthier review of employment effects, we conclude that, overall, about two-thirds of the hundred or so studies that we discuss yield relatively consistent (although by no means statistically significant) evidence of negative employment effects of minimum wages – while only eight give a relatively consistent indication of positive employment effects. In contrast, of the thirty-three studies we identify as providing the most reliable evidence, more than 80 percent point to negative employment effects. (p38-39)

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But yeah. Go for destroying the country. People would have more money if we didn't tax them as much, raising the minimum wage just shuts down small businesses.

Where the fuck did all of the communist spewing accounts come from today?