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But that means raising the American standard of living which completely undermines the Democrat's pro-communism propaganda.

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The Democrats on welfare and cheap government housing are just fine with their standard of living. Many of them can afford luxury vehicles. I used to be a bagger at a grocery store. The people who paid with food stamps would generally ask for help with their overloaded cart of food (because they're too lazy to unload the food they got for free.) So I would go out to put their groceries in their vehicles, and guess what they're driving around. Hummers, Cadillacs Escalades, Mercedes and so on. I hated helping those people, they're parasitic.

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I agree with this. But socialism requires poor. Poor people require more social services. Which requires more police. Which requires more social service. Which requires more taxes. Which requires socialism. The purpose of socialism is communism.

By raising the standard of living they are directly denied their platform to promote what you are denouncing above. It's also denying them their push for communism. Which in turn makes it easier to target abusers and destroy the entitlement train used to bribe votes.

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Many of them can't actually afford it, they just take predatory loans and get the car anyways.

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They also sell their leftover food stamps for half price to make money. They are called twofers.

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were all these "people" russian?

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DNC 2020: Import the 3rd world you bigots.

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Have you seen this video? Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs

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Also means more money for the tax man to take

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Better to just not have the money then right?

Defeatist nigger logic.

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Maine businesses are weeping that there are not enough foreign workers for the summer.

Instead of just offering a liveable wage and hiring locals that live right down the street.

Then they wonder why so many are turning conservative and shunning all the "refugees" that really are taking our jobs.

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exacclty, just worked for a farmer who said I should be more than happy with $11/hr! Complained about brown people not be allowed in teh country because they work for shit. At teh same time, he was saying he sympathized with fast food workers and they should be making $15/hr LOL fucking pathetic

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I know country folks with the same mixed-up attitude. Most favorable interpretation is: farm work is just stressful & hard & unforgiving : farmers become the same as the work they do.

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It's not that clear cut. There has been a huge social push that manual labor is beneath people. Many would rather work an office job at half the pay than work with their hands. This combined with the last two generations, whereby self-entitlement has become the rule, does legitimately create labor shortages.

Historically, before we started all the insanity of our current illegal labor situation, seasonal work visas were provided to Mexicans to come in and work. They happily did so. Now they dont' want to do this because their illegal cousins have forced labor rates through the floor.

This combination does result in labor shortages. Even when labor rates increase. The sad thing is, this is being used to push the propaganda idiocy that whites no longer will do with work. Which implies that any labor market is capable of instantly correcting itself while the socioeconomic issues largely remain. Which is, of course, complete stupidity. Easy to see why it's pushed for propaganda purposed by the left.

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It begins in elementary school straight through college that manual and skill labor is bad. Spending 250K on a degree is good. The biggest enemy isn't the military industrial complex, it's the college industrial complex wanting tax payers to fund overpriced college and loans.

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True, we are becoming a nation of pussies

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Money talks bullshit walks. Maybe not for women in the workforce, but I know very few men who would take a material pay cut to work in an office. Most people will do what is most profitable for themselves.

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Exactly. These fucking corporations need to pay a living wage, but that's not what they want. They want cheap slave labor all while they make their billions. It should be met with fire

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When shareholder value is more important than the wages of the actual people who make the corporation's profits . . .

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Shareholder value is (absent interference) a reflection of success in making things that consumers want. Catering to consumers is the purpose of businesses, not making workers happy. If you had a shoe factory that made shit shoes but the workers loved working there then it'd be a failure.

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What you really need with globalized capitalism is globalized rules. One organization corps pay wages to, which sends them to labourers as an extra measure to make sure numbers are in check would change the world

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There is no such thing as "a living wage." Everyone's life is different and an employer is not responsible for your choices outside of work.

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Nonsense. A 'living wage' is just that - the ability to live without being dependent on someone else. If you work full time but can't afford to move out of your parents house (because of wages not because of debt, obligations,habits, etc) you aren't making a living wage. Granted a living wage in NYC will be significantly higher than a living wage in Mobile Alabama but the basic idea is the same: a 40 hour week will cover food, clothing, housing, entertainment without needing welfare or Section 8.

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A living wage means after you pay bills you have somewhat of a life within reason.

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Military calculates cost of maintaining a functional soldier .. to the $/a/month ! Same type-of calculation would hold for most non-military. No mystery in objective value ... unless you are a poo-bare faggot who requires pucky-poo attention.

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Warning: Extreme Triggering to follow


These fucking humans don't want to pay more for their products! They want to buy the cheapest they can find!

We should force them to pay a profitable price! Impose tariffs on other prices!

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I love this. Like the economic equivalent of "only those who vote for war should be drafted."

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Whenever you accost people in their daily routines, you're only going to get a response from the dumbest. If this shit was happening to me when I was shopping (which it wouldn't because I have only been in a Walmart twice, and that was enough for me), I would tell you to fuck off and get a job. This is hardly a good way to gauge popular opinion. Second point is that even if I did support higher prices for higher domestic wages (which I do), this charade wouldn't do anything. It needs to be systemic and subject to natural market force (I'm advocating national protectionism instead of this charity bullshit in the video). Finally, it's (((Peter Schiff))).

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How about we stop telling kids how many high paying STEM jobs there are while bringing in a half million plus H1Bs so they can’t find shit when they do graduate.

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I forgot where I read it but there are only about 16k new stem jobs a year.

This “Go STEM!” insanity just covers up the real problems.

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Other solutions:

1) Workers must be paid based on the value they bring.

2) Fuck stick idiot consumers must control wages by not supporting businesses that pay workers less than the value they bring.

Personal anecdote: I started my first job as a techncian at $15 / hr. I setup tooling and programmed machines worth as much as house. I processed low volume prototype parts for engine development. GOD DAMNIT ILL BURN EVERY MCDONALDS DOWN IF A CASHIER GETS $15/hr.

Maybe I was being screwed, but after less than two years I was up to $22 / hr because I was good at my job and I cared a lot about doing stuff right, on schedule and in spec.

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Maybe I was being screwed

Yes. You got screwed. You trusted corporations.

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Corporate America wants a surplus work force with imported retards to help keep wages low. The idea of raising wages his a horrible idea to the. Some of (((them))) love nothing but shekels.

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Hey there a concept. Take care of the spine and the body will not fall.

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I hate the word "disenfranchised". Another word to claim victim-hood.

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