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Fingerprint them, disqualify them from EVER getting citizenship, load them back up in the trailer and hall them right back across the boarder. It could be done that day and word that this is now US policy will encourage people to come by LEGAL means.

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Enforce the law efficiently? What a fringe view

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This is the cheapest solution.

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Cheapest, true... But livestreaming it being mega-slingshot back across the border into the Juarez desert is bestest solution.

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Lighting it on fire would probably be cheaper.

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Send them back!

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Here's what happens when the majority of these people get caught at the border-

Get taken to a dentition facility Processed Told to come back on _____ date for a court hearing Get released Wander into America anyways Never to be heard from again

Our "dentition" policy is a fucking joke.

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You know that truck didn't cross the border in the desert, but at a border crossing station. Is our border patrol not checking? or being paid off?

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I'd imagine CBP employs tacos in that department.

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They should be fairly tried then fairly shot. This shit has to end and the only way it does is with STIFF AND PERMANENT PENALTIES!

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The Jewnited States is finished. The only question is if white people will be able to establish a place for themselves after it all falls apart.

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They're sending their best!

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I don't care about children. They're all invaders.

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So some asshole truck driver is selling out his country for a few bucks. The biggest problem is the fuckheads that think they are just getting a payday sneaking a few people over the border but they are directly responsible for the decline of this country.

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