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4 years? That's all? Europe has truly fallen.

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I think we should use their law on them. Castration and body mutilation.

It's their culture. It would be insensitive of us not to give them that, right?

Or we can just get a rope.

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I like the idea of turning them into castrated nuggets, then we can hand feed them bacon, pork, ham, sausage...

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I like this idea

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Western Europe, minus Italy. East is still strong.

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How is it possible that people aren't openly revolting in the street over these sorts of things?

Does the British government and "entertainment industry" really have that level of control of its populace?

Crazy times.

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Execution? Public execution?

Fuck Belgian cucks.

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To the leaders of the EU, Hang your heads in shame for what you have inflicted upon the Peoples of Europe. We the People not only despise you, we find you repugnant. You have failed US, over and over again.

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There are many more Goy lapdogs that put all of this sort of thing into practice. They are even more guilty, they create and allow this sort of thing to take place. Stand by and do little or nothing. Traitors and Self haters are worse in many respects

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Let me see if I get this right. If you rape a girl you go to jail, unless of course of impregnate her. If you manage that they give you full legal citizenship?

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The mind of a nigger

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They really like bullying the mentally disabled and elderly don't they

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Well it is in their wheelhouse....

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The people of The United States Of America must push to bring back public hangings on every courthouse lawn in America.

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4 fucking years???? That's it? Holy shit we are going to have to save thiere retarded asses again.

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Rape, kidnapping, assault on a disabled person, sexual assault of a minor, and defying a deportation, but all he gets is four years in an Ikea-furnished jail. The fucking Sprouts must be insane.

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Feed him to hungry pigs, alive.

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