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Puerto rico aside from the lunatic running san juan and the 54 students that you see protesting is one of the most conservative places in the country as far as the actual people go. Very proud, lawful and love their legal guns - just lacking funds to police due to socialists and bad luck with policy up north during the recessing. I have a place down there and love it, truly feel that if any real hand was reached by the republicans almost 100% of the values would align. Imagine florida without jews, retirees or david hogglets and you will find yourself in PR. Also if you want to talk about states rights issues you will find that even the demoncunts down there will support you on it easily.


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Very catholic and very conservative super anti abortion which is a strong enough pull to vote R instead of D. Kind of pro gay which pulls the other way. Interesting place and not sure if they were a state they would be blue.