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The plan cuts it as: San Francisco, Bay Area, Sacramento; Southern Coast line, L.A., Border counties (with the entire water canal belonging to the south); Bakersfield, Fresno, Nevada boarder, Farm Land. For those of you not familiar, that is a guarantee the first two of those groups would be Blue states, already gerrymandered to the point of no return. Meanwhile the desert farm land is so full of generational wetbacks, the chances of it being Red are slim.

That means the only change would be one state, and one Communist Senator; It would be three states, and at least two, more likely three Communist, anti-American senator.

Personally, I thought the state of Jefferson was a decent idea, so went for this one like candy. Not now Goats, not now.

Edit: Changed Congressmen to Senator. Got um mixed up. Symptom of of every-man retardation.