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The idea is that the state of California has more Republicans than any other state, yet since they are a minority they get little to no representation. California should have been more than one state to begin with, but especially now with the invasion from the south being welcomed with open arms by the southern half the state.

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False: as has been proven several times, the lines drawn gives 3 states, and each of these 3 states are large dark blue cities. It is a ploy (((they))) came up with. I’m sure Feinstein, Polozi and Schumer are very happy with this. It is just large scale jerrymandering. It is a way to bolster their delegates.

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And add 4 more Senate seats in their favor.

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why the fuck hasn't anyone killed that fucking dual citizen kike bitch?

they need term limits dammit

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Its really a scheme they all devised to displace us natives so they can finally have revenge for their illegals having no national identity. This way they can make our citizenship questionable and act like this is USSR.

I THINK IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL and therefore shouldn't be on there at all as we never got any say and no one supports this who isn't deep state politico class.

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The idea is that the state of California has more Republicans than any other state

They also have more Democrats than any other state, so that's kind of irreverent.

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That depends on how they are distributed, so I say it's reverent. I am revering it now, Reverend.

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I would not say that's irrelevant.

Read it again: California has more Republicans than any other state. That's significant no matter the asterisks.

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Currently all those Republicans are counted as Democrats in the Electoral College. Split the population three ways, two go blue and one goes red. Since Cali (autocorrects to Fail in my phone, oooh prophetic) is the largest state in the Union, any undermining of Demo hegemony in the state is a win for the country. Even if you agree with the politics of Califailnia, don't you want your vote to count for more than a Mexican's?

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IOW, they have the most population of any state. Got it

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Based on the map it makes 3 blue states. You can make two red by removing two cities that would boarder the third. This is purely a grab for more senators.

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the southern portion is fucked by LA and San Diego, but the norther portion is fucked by SF, Oakland, and Berkley.

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Someone on this site tried to tell me that San Diego was actually very conservative what with all the military around here.

As a conservative that actually lives in San Diego, no. Its definitely liberal.

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Norcal, aside from the bay is very conservative. Same with south east cal. But as the guy above said, each state contains a very big, very liberal city, which will no doubt drown out the votes for the rest of the citizens.

Culture of each state was not taken into account. This bill olny serves to create more liberal delegates.

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San Diego isn't as blue as the rest of California. If you had San Diego without LA that state would probably be red. Of course requiring lots of rural areas in that state.

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Terrible idea. Just what we need. More liberal fags in the Senate

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Isn't northern california and southern california conservative when compared to california? Which is why they want to split so badly from the liberal one because liberals keep fucking the whole rural area.

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Looks like this proposal puts San Francisco in Northern California. The map looks carefully drawn to make 3 Democrat states.

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This 3 state plan is liberal gerrymandering bullshit. We've wanted to split the state the right way for over 70 years:


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Unfortunately, with the way the lines are drawn right now, Northern California would consist of San Francisco, Sacramento, and other liberal stronghold cities. Any Conservative voices in Northern California will be shut down. Likewise, any conservative voices in Southern California will be shut down by the large population of spics.

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I've heard that but wouldn't each new state have a super liberal city that would make each one a little commiefornia?

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Gonna need a sticky on this until November.

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How about if you've been here 3 generations or less and you support this you GTFO of California.

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I think everyone should gtfo California.

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There's a Democrat fantasy that by splitting the state into three they'll get four more Senate seats. That assumes that they could pull the ultimate gerrymander unhindered. The other scam is getting Puerto Rico and the DC district elevated to statehood.

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Puerto Rico needs to be put into their place or cut loose. DC needs to be put back under thumb and not allowed to vote as required. Specifically to avoid the very problems which have been created for the reasons why it's not supposed to be legal in the first place.

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Puerto rico aside from the lunatic running san juan and the 54 students that you see protesting is one of the most conservative places in the country as far as the actual people go. Very proud, lawful and love their legal guns - just lacking funds to police due to socialists and bad luck with policy up north during the recessing. I have a place down there and love it, truly feel that if any real hand was reached by the republicans almost 100% of the values would align. Imagine florida without jews, retirees or david hogglets and you will find yourself in PR. Also if you want to talk about states rights issues you will find that even the demoncunts down there will support you on it easily.

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Very catholic and very conservative super anti abortion which is a strong enough pull to vote R instead of D. Kind of pro gay which pulls the other way. Interesting place and not sure if they were a state they would be blue.

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They say this EVERY TWO YEARS.

Every two years the President declares this unconstitutional as hell because millions of CA residents citizenship would immediately be in question.

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What's to prevent them from splitting into three blue states therefore fucking up the entire nation? Anyone with better knowledge of Cali's area demographics have any idea of how the proposed states will likely swing?

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Proposed split
Split by color (2016)
Split by population (2007)

This proposal would make three blue states. As a northern californian, I would vote against this unless they take all of the bay area and group it together with the "small california". If I lived in any other state I would vote against it even if they made one red state, because we'd still be losing 2:1 on the deal.

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What is their justification for splitting it this way? It doesn't seem logical in any sense other than end game blue states.

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Those faggots in the bay are gonna swing everything blue Wtf i dont want to be assocoated with them.

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Yeah, that's a lose for conservatives. Southern California would probably vote Republican but the rest would be hard blue and give dems more senate seats.

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They will do their best to make them all blue. It doesn't have to be that way. The east half of the state slants right

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Not everyone is dem in the north half (Sacramento and above...Bay Area are duck fags mostly)

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Fairly sure that’s their plan. They can’t beat Trump any other way, especially with the economy and employment numbers, so they gotta play fuck fuck games to try and cheat the process.

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the plan lumps Sacramento & San Fagcisco in with the State of Jefferson northern portion of the state. Those 2 areas have nothing in common. Won't happen

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No way in hell...

.... will a constitutional federal change allow California (or any state) to get more senators by splitting itself up. At least it not will happen for the next 6 years Trump is president. The main problem is that when altering a constitution without a mere amendment the ENTIRE CONSTITUTION IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED AND ABLE TO BE EDITED ANYWHERE IN THE DOCUMENT. Too extreme. Also needs 75% states to agree.


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Article IV:

no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State.... without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.

The constitution already explicitly provides a route for this, and it doesn't require any changes to the constitution itself.

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I am talking about a state splitting up into 60 states to control the senate. You are talking about incorporating new land not formerly a state.

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This is completely irrelevant. Article IV explains how new states may be created, and it's not through constitutional amendment. Apples and oranges, bro.

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Then any state can divide 100 times and control the senate.


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Thank you. It won't be on the ballot as the politicians who have been incumbent since 1982 (before even my birth) have always put this up every gubernatorial and national presidential primary since before I ever existed.

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The plan cuts it as: San Francisco, Bay Area, Sacramento; Southern Coast line, L.A., Border counties (with the entire water canal belonging to the south); Bakersfield, Fresno, Nevada boarder, Farm Land. For those of you not familiar, that is a guarantee the first two of those groups would be Blue states, already gerrymandered to the point of no return. Meanwhile the desert farm land is so full of generational wetbacks, the chances of it being Red are slim.

That means the only change would be one state, and one Communist Senator; It would be three states, and at least two, more likely three Communist, anti-American senator.

Personally, I thought the state of Jefferson was a decent idea, so went for this one like candy. Not now Goats, not now.

Edit: Changed Congressmen to Senator. Got um mixed up. Symptom of of every-man retardation.

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The constitution Article 4, Clause 1 :

New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union;

but no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.

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Is that explicitly stated? I don't know where it is if it is. Feels like a supreme court issue that could drag out a while.

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also , California has been invaded by liberal who do not protect their citizens. A case could be made on section 4 as well. States residents are guaranteed a Republic form of Government by the constitution.

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