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And here comes a great opportunity for new pro-gun credit processor to be the sole profiteer of the sweet, sweet gun sale bux.

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Then comes Visa, Mastercard, American Express et al removing the pro-gun processor from their networks.

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And sadly, they can get away with it because they have a monopoly on credit processing. The free market would quickly foil this gun-grabbing agenda singlehandedly if given the chance.

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It's called monero.

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Do you think they'd be willing to process Nazi goat dollars as well?

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Oh man, this is getting good. Yet another SJW tard CEO destroys his company and all its employees jobs for virtue signaling. RIP Intuit. Not to worry, I am sure the CEO will get millions in severance and have another (((job))) waiting for him. The little people doing the actual work, not so much. Tough break for them.

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Actually the System will reward him and his company greatly for helping disarm whites. Investor money, new contracts, etc.

The System is setup that you don't NEED meritocracy to make money. Making money is done by simply printing it and taxing it and having structural and monopolistic legal advantages granted by the ZOG State. And as long as you are signalling that you are helping destroy whites, be it through marxism or gun bans, you will get your reward.

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Sometimes i daydream about getting 5000 people to dress up in full on colonial clothes with powdered wigs and marching up capital hill with muskets and colonial flag.

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Well, I hope I am right and you are wrong, but you have cast serious doubt upon me on the matter.

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I wish I could upvote this multiple times.

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They can choose their customers, their clients...

You mean like Christian bakers?

...unless that choice is based upon some protected aspects.

Oi vey.

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Are bakers protected?

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Off the cuff, I believe the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Colorado bakery, because the initial judge was mean.

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Hooooly shit! This is the start of something extraordinarily stupid!

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It's a ban by proxy. You can't own firearms if banks won't process the payments.

In any case, this is old news. This was reported here on voat a few weeks ago.

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just use cash?

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I just buy 80% receivers. Basically it a hunk of metal you finish into a weapon on your own.

Bonus: No serial numbers on the gun when ya done

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In any case, this is old news. This was reported here on voat a few weeks ago.

No, this is new news. There have been previous banks that refused to process firearms purchases.

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Yeah, some dude told me about this a while ago. I just think that this is a horrifying road to take, for everyone involved. No one will benefit from this and certainly many will suffer because of it in one way or another.

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means more guns will be sold illegally in cash or crypto currencies.

Nobody needs Intuit, and nobody needs credit card processors.

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We already know the surveillance state makes lists to track these things. Why not use cash in the first place?

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If you're buying from an FFL, they already run your info with the feds and keep a copy of the transfer in perpetuity, so you can pay in cash, gold, or goats and there'll still be a paper trail. If it's a private sale, odds are pretty good you'd be paying cash or bartering for it anyways.

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Add to the boycott list

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And also the "first into the ovens" list.

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They never fucking learn, keep politics out of business, now people who probably wouldn't buy a gun using thier service will ditch them anyway.

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This is why you use cash.

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