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links directly to cnn.com

You're the real retard here.


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If it's good enough for retards it's good enough for your baby. --Gerber 2018


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I like that this headline is factual. I figured it was going to be figurative.


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https://archive.fo/yV7Kv :

Two history making Gerber babies -- 90 years apart -- meet in the most adorable photo ever - CNN

"With their contagious smiles, it's no wonder these two were chosen to represent the baby food brand Gerber."

'The original face of the Gerber baby products, Ann Turner Cook, 91, met the newly minted spokesbaby, one-year-old Lucas Warren, on Saturday. ', "The Warren family was on a family vacation in Florida and couldn't pass up an opportunity to meet Cook, the iconic face of the brand.", "Cook's iconic black-and-white sketched portrait was chosen by Gerber in 1928 and became the company's official trademark in 1931.", "Lucas made history in February for being the first child with Down syndrome named as the brand's spokesbaby for the year."

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