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Bait? These ships are run by human smugglers, not legitimate operators that just happen across stranded waterborne niggers.


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If they were picked up off the coast of Libya then drop their nigger asses off in Libya or bring them back to their shithole continent.

Legally, that IS what the boats ARE SUPPOSED TO DO (at least drop them off on "their shithole continent"; I don't know if Libya currently has any "Safe Ports" for the NGO ships to drop the half-drowned retards off at, but there are definitely places for them to go in a much shorter range than the distance back to Europe).

Instead, after sailing ~300 miles south from Spain or Italy, they pick up people whose "boats"/"rafts with holes in the bottom" sank just barely over 12 miles off the shores of Libya, at a place where they're well within 60 miles of Tripoli (the nearest Safe Port to that portion of the North African coastline), they drive another ~300 miles back north, before dropping the "refugees"/"migrants"/invaders off somewhere on the southern European coastline, before immediately turning around to make the same trip again.

Back when I first saw the website that showed the reported paths of all the NGO boats, that knowledge alone was enough to make me stop holding onto my old beliefs and finally say "Amalek was right, George Soros and his brand of 'philanthropist billionaires' are actually no better than a bunch of devils wearing human costumes".


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The centres and boats are run by charity organisations, largely owned by globalists who seek to destabilise Europe. Plus, these assholes are working with the mafia and are making extra money with their illegal businesses.