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This is way past the point of out of control.


When the hell are heads going to start rolling? There is so much treason in DC at this point and yet not one of these god damned pinko traitors has been executed for their crimes.

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It is the responsibility of the people to hold their government accountable. I can't do anything alone, neither can you or anyone else really. Even a John Rambo type wouldn't affect real change no matter how many municipalities he blew up. We have to organize and do it together, somehow, because the system is so wholly corrupt that it will never right itself. Even having a president trying to sort it out is not enough. Though having Trump in office is a good time for the people to rise to the occasion because at least the head position is someone on our side.

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Sounds like we need to have large insurgent groups of Rambo types then....

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We're going to have to take matters into our own hands.

Follow these "officials" home to their residences, and then, well, get creative...

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Start with the (((officials))).

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I read a post from another user that said "There is a day coming when We The People will go to throw those corrupt sons of bitches out and they will holler for the military to come protect them...but they will find the troops on the front lines of the group coming to throw them out"

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oh gee, wonder how that happened.

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I wonder (((who))) could be behind this

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Mossad and the Zionist 5th column. They allowed Muslim Brotherhood assets into our nation. I'm not sure what their goal was (since on paper they hate each other), but that's what has happened.

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Key evidence went missing. Over a year ago. They have it now, which is why Imran is in trouble.

Read the articles guys - the title is clickbait.

Here's the article they link saying the server was stolen: http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/12/exclusive-dws-it-guy-was-banned-from-house-after-trying-to-hide-secret-server/

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Evidence ceases to be evidence when you lose chain of custody.

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That's why I linked the article - there's no claim of breach of custody supported. There's a claim of falsifying a server image and hiding the real server, but officials hadn't yet obtained the real server. That's the closest thing I could find to support that the server "had disappeared," and I see nothing saying it was stolen from authorities or Congress. Maybe you do?

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Breaking news from last year.

The news fell through the cracks due to the importance of the Presidents legislative agenda

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Who couldn't see that happening?

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someone needs to check Sandy Berger's socks again ?

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Good thing NSA has all the data.

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I see nothing good about that. At no point will that data ever be used for anything but keeping the disaffected in-line.

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Surprise surprise

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