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Ignorance, projection, intolerance, racism, and faggotry all rolled into one fucked up person.

I say projection because he is projecting his motives onto the other white people - they want to seem cool and blackish! and that is exactly what drives/drove him to seek places like that out.

We ask that our name is removed from your rant because we do not want to have anything to do with you,” the Harlem Shake partners wrote in a statement to The Blaze. “And, yeah, we ask that you get your burgers somewhere else. We do not tolerate ‘racism’ either. We thrive on equality and fairness and have full intentions to keep it that way!” Harlem Shake posted on its Instagram: “We proudly have diverse ownership, staff and most importantly, customers!”

I would grab some food there myself just to support them after this excellent stance, if I lived nearby.