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Hey if you are gonna break balls when I try to open the door for you...


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Bro you're not my husband and therefore, gtfo.


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Welcome to the non misogynist, non racist, non patriarchal society you scratched and clawed to create. Enjoy your stay.


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But "damsel in distress" is a sexist stereotype perpetuating the patriarchy!


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She obviously has "internalized misogyny".


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White knighting for a lady that doesn't blame the attacker? GTFO


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Seems like the gents that left her alone played their hand exactly as they should. Try not to be involved, and still get sucked in.

I honestly don't blame Londoners, the majority of knife attacks from crazy people is too high, and since they have no way to protect themselves, they have no motive to protect a stranger.

Nothing good comes from being a hero, just ask Joseph Lozito:



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Note that lady called attacker "asian", which means street shitter in londonistan newspeak. Even if they didn't get stabbed they would get trouble from law enforcement.


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This bitch is sick. She helps create a culture that would throw those white middle aged men in jail if they did help for abusing some poor migrant that could not help but want to kick her. So what do those middle aged men do? They let that bitch fend for herself. Feminism you know.


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Gettiing attacked by "asians" on the tube is just part and parcel of living in London.


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WOMEN overwhelmingly vote to let muslim invaders in. The MAJORITY of english MALE citizens are against the uneducated illegal alien invaders.

The problem ? Women getting the right to vote.

They are also more likely to not ever read the news.


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Women getting the right to vote.

I really have my doubts that western civ is going to survive that mistake. We're up against people who don't make mistakes like that, who don't have a handicap when it comes to making the hard choices.

The United States had Europe fortified along with most of the West. Feminists, via commie ratfuck jews, tore down the borders and opened up the nations to invaders. They did what no standing military could do, they let in a full blown population of invaders. No enemy in the world could have dreamed of placing that many invaders into Europe.

Angela Merkel, a piece of shit and traitor of humanity and the forces of good, a fucking woman, a woman that should never have been allowed more responsibility than 'dog catcher', yet another woman that we never should have let vote.l

Look at all the women leaders of Europe and you'll see the failings. Look at how they have them in the defense departments. lol This is a perfect storm in order to take Europe and they've done it. Jews and Arabs did it.

We need to glass them all.


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That bitch won't survive WW3.


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Ho gotta learn respek.


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If they'd hopped up and defended her she'd be fanatically virtue signalling about how two racist white men attacked a poor defenseless "Asian". And the government would gleefully wreck their lives.

Nope. You've taught them that the only way to win this game is not to play. No fair crying about it now.


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You know it. She would have told the police they didn't need to do anything, and they went to far - toxic masculinity, and would have sided with the Asian in his lawsuit.

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Factually true based on statistics. Women tend to vote for invasion of their lands by uneducated foreigners. Men are against it in majority.

Too many women voters. She caused this.


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Why don't she have the nogs she fucks protect her?


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He was busy kicking her


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Notice how she doesnt blame her "asian" attacker. feminist cunts are fucking hypocrites. they think they are entitled to be treated like princesses but claim theres no difference between men and women and that gender roles are sexist yet they think men should "act" like men and live up to their gender role. You cant be a strong independent, me too ,my body my choice, MEN ARE RAPISTS1!1! type of woman but still expect the privileges of a traditional normal woman.

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