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No, Lando's sexuality is never alluded to and has 0 bearing on the film. There is a droid that has a crush on him, that's it (and Lando's reaction to this basically amounts to an eye roll). The entirety of the "controversy" is from a producer or someone giving a vague, open-ended answer to a question about Lando's sexuality in some interview. And then the internet exploded as a result, drawing whatever conclusions they felt best fit whatever their social agenda was.


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Still a valid response imho. If an already suspect producer indicates that the movie has social justice themes, it's a good bet that's all there's going to be. If it turns out the movie is actually good and keeps that shit to one side then it's still their fault for misadvertising it.


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True, but Kathleen Kennedy and Disney keep putting these ugly blacks in Star Wars movies like John Boyega and Donald Glover, the public has had enough, and in China TLJ was a massive bomb in part because Boyega had a Chinese girlfriend! so stupid--Solo was an even bigger bomb over there


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So the social atmosphere of the country ruined inadvertently ruined the film? And so there are negative consequences for talking like a lunatic?