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yes. what kind of dumbass question is that you retard

if he was innocent and was falsely accused, no one besides idiots would have been okay with it. if he truly commited the crime, let him burn.


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I wasn't asking you the question though, you faggot. Though, to be fair the guy was Cellmates with the dude, and according to the news story, the man who strangled the alleged kiddy diddler was set to be released in a coupla months.

Three Possibilities

1.) Guy was pushing 67 and couldn't imagine life on the outside, so decided to Strangle the guy to get a free lifetime stay and 3 meals and free healthcare until he died

2.) Guy got cozy with his cellmate, his cellmate admitted to diddling a kid, and got strangled for it.

3) Guards announced he was a kiddy diddler and left him in a cell to get strung up.


[–] uguu 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago  (edited ago)

Two Possibilities

lists 3

holy shit you really are retarded