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Let's hear it from the pitbull apologists how the kid could just as easily been killed by a basset hound

Edit: Let me clairify my position. It is not the dogs fault. The owner is a complete self riotous idiot. She should have known pitbulls are disproportionately violent and kept them away from her kid.

Pitbulls are violent. The mother is an asshole. Everyone loses.


[–] HAESisalie 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

MY cocker Spaniels will kill you! They will lick you to death if you let them.

Seriously the retards always say that stupid shit. Pit bulls are fighting dogs, they were bred to fight and kill, it is in their DNA now. It isn't their fault, and I don't hate them for it, but it is the truth and they cannot be trusted EVER. You never know what might set them off.


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Raised a pit that was a sweetheart. Fine around kids, but would mangle neighbors wild chickens that wandered into our yard. She definitely had a primal crave for small game.

Animals, even domesticated ones, have a few triggers that are hard wired into them. It really is up to responsible owners to correct these types of instincts, but even that's not enough - if you're a responsible owner you won't allow the opportunity to happen in the first place.

Seen plenty of douchebag owners with toy breeds like chihuahuas that thought it was the cutest thing their little shit toy would snarl and growl at them...even at the primary owner. Seen plenty of kids get nipped in the ankles or back of the legs by these "cute harmless" shits as well.

Kids can mimic small easy prey at times . Watch this lion try and pounce a kid:

When kids turn their back at the right time under certain conditions animals can't help themselves... even well raised pits or stupid little aggressive shit chihuahuas.