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Hey buddy, quit while you're ahead, the cars are safe, then you go on a rant how the company isn't profitable when it hasn't been, then claim it will go under and it's a matter of time. Do you have these feelings for others companies in this position? There are plenty of them. Are you one of those nerd virgins locked in a basement Hillary was talking about? Answer honestly. Did you at any time ever work for Correct the Record or ShareBlue? Please be honest, I know its hard for you people to be honest, but please, just be honest.

Listen goyim, I don't care about Musk's fact check org he's going to start like and how he mentioned media facts on who owns the media like. I'm criticizing Musk all of a sudden, because he ain't profitable like and what not, thus all of sudden, even though he weren't profitable all these years like, I'm attacking him now all of a sudden. Please goyim, you gotta believes me like, his fact check project will be gay all like and what not too! Don't listen to Musk, he ain't profitable like.


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I have always criticized Musk and will continue to do so. Tesla will go under before the end of next year. Mark my words. This is my 3rd voat account and I was always critical of Musk, not because of media, I dont care about the media. If my account was older there would be MUCH more criticism you can even see early in my post history before his announcement of his media site.

Youre the gullible goy whos going to trust a fucking elite shabbos goy billionaire, who abandoned his people in South Africa. Youd think if someone can make "risuqe" comments about the media they would at least be able to bring attention or provide aid with his wealth to Whites who are being genocide in South Africa.

You're delusional, completely. Theres nothing jewish about my posts or submissions... Jews would rally against their trauma based mind control practice circumcision, but I am because I am against it. Im Nat soc through and through.

Also care to explain how does pointing out someones failing enterprise, because its largely a scam and fueled by speculation and FOMO in the markets, have anything to do with his media site? I cant comment on his media it becuse it doesnt exist, and if it doesnt happen I will probably just ignore it because I dont trust Musk based on his characteristics, not to mentions hes a shabbos goy elite billionaire.

But go ahead and keep drinking the Musk flavored kool aid. I am sure you're the type of guy who loves to deny white genocide and call everyone else a kike.