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Hey buddy, quit while you're ahead, the cars are safe, then you go on a rant how the company isn't profitable when it hasn't been, then claim it will go under and it's a matter of time. Do you have these feelings for others companies in this position? There are plenty of them. Are you one of those nerd virgins locked in a basement Hillary was talking about? Answer honestly. Did you at any time ever work for Correct the Record or ShareBlue? Please be honest, I know its hard for you people to be honest, but please, just be honest.

Listen goyim, I don't care about Musk's fact check org he's going to start like and how he mentioned media facts on who owns the media like. I'm criticizing Musk all of a sudden, because he ain't profitable like and what not, thus all of sudden, even though he weren't profitable all these years like, I'm attacking him now all of a sudden. Please goyim, you gotta believes me like, his fact check project will be gay all like and what not too! Don't listen to Musk, he ain't profitable like.