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Her tweet was indefensible. She won’t be allowed back on Twitter because she left before they permanently banned her. Worst thing about what she did is that it is unfair to the rest of the cast of the show. That said, Twitter brings out the worst in everyone, from Roseanne to Piers Morgan. Twitter is a digital cesspool.


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No, it isn’t. See the first amendment to the US Constitution.


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I'm tired of crackers, breeders, and goyim hiding behind the Constitution to defend their stupid racist, sexist, antisemitic, homophobic, ableist, lookist bullshit. The oppressor classes must die and should not be given any platform for their vile bile. If we need to kill them to shut them up, then so fucking be it. I would gladly amend the Constitution to make it legal to kill every last one of you you bigoted PIV-raping Jew-hating snow apes where you stand.

The Goyim Know NOTHING!


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You a bitch


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I woud agree about twitter and the internet in General. It is really ease to say a bunch offensive stuff to someone when you don't have to look them in the eye and potentially get a beat down if you are a big enough douch bag.