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Congrats, moron, you pulled all the anti Trump comments of mine, which happens to be roughly 5, out of the ~100 comments I have. But CLEARLY he's all I talk about. You can pull some kike shit like you just did all you want, but anyone can click on my profile and get a complete history of every comment I ever typed. Nice try, Jew.

Also, yeah, no shit two of my most downvoted comments are anti Trump. Congrats, you proved my point right. Anytime I point out how fucking obvious it is that Trump is a pro Jew kike, you fucking faglord cultists with your dumb red maga hats come along and downvote like there's no tomorrow. Yes, again, thanks for proving what I originally said true, but I didn't need your help.

You have to be wilfully retarded to still worship Trump after all the pro Jew things he did, and all the promises he didn't keep, like locking up Hillary. Stop being retarded. You can be a conservative without worshiping controlled opposition, buddy.


[–] valk2 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago  (edited ago)

You got called out and I provided proof that what you say isn't true. I confront you with it and then you continue to act like it isn't proof. This is liberal tactics 101 here.

You can pretend to be conservative all you want mate. Don't expect further responses, it appears to be futile when you use liberal logic and tactics such as you have thus far in this discussion.

Last thing, I never said it was all you talked about, I said you loved to bash Potus, which by the proof provided is true, accurate and factual.

Edit: I take that back, I was thinking of my original comment. I am man enough to admit I was wrong, so I am striking through the information that I got wrong and providing you and update. You know, a Retraction and admission I was wrong in regards to what all you discuss on here. You are right in that Trump isn't all you talk about. I did make this comment here:

Must be a miserable life that the only thing you decide to talk about is someone you hate.

I concede that you discuss other things such as FPH, but it does not take away from the fact that you have more than just one or two anti-Potus comments.

I have enough integrity to admit when I am wrong and publicly at that. Have a good one.