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*** UPDATE *** Sorry guys it's increasingly looking like this is FakeNews. Moreover, the FCC’s ability to enforce broadcast journalism standards regarding falsification of news is generally limited to imposing monetary fines or revoking/denying licenses to radio and television stations, not to conducting law enforcement-style raids.


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Are you saying snopes was right for once? That’s pretty incredible news actually.


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They get lots correct you just have to read the entire article and not just look at the stop sign or whatever. Like this shit - They say mostly fake because its the "World Organization of the Scout Movement" that will have the condoms at the jamboree and not the "boy scouts of america" per say (like that makes a fucking difference) ... but the truth is YES, condoms are going be at the jamboree so the statement is actually TRUE and this is why snopes is pure shit.


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Well, for starters there's no link to any official government agency or spokesperson talking about this. Not even a Tweet from Trump about it.