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(old man voice) I remember when floppy disks were floppy, and that's how we liked it! (/old man voice)


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Go out and get yourself a nice Laserdisc player you old shit stain!


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Laserdisc is actually just as old as VHS. True story.


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Ah, excuse me for thinking you were talking about something that was relevant in the last 20 years. Some fucker stole my CD book in the early 2000's, probably about $600 worth of CDs, and I got over it. Didn't stew and demand reparations like I wasn't white or something. But here you are bitching about a technology that has been outdated for decades, while CD's are still actually relevant (even new cars still have CD players).

LSS go fuck your Betamax you cantankerous dumb old bastard. Ironically we're probably close to the same age; kinda sucks you didn't get the wisdom package with your age.


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Was that $600 in Columbia House value or local mall value?

5 CDs for a penny!

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Ew, what a faggot you are. Why are you taking what he said so god damn literal?