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Watching vids of it reminds me how I feel when I watch a Jenna Haze video. I miss that little slut!

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She could suck cock good.

She stop filming or just get old?

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Oh, BTW, can you believe that Jenna Jameson is trying to make a comeback? She was top slut back in the 90's!!! What a disgrace. Raylene made a comeback too, she looks HORRIBLE, it's pathetic when women realize they spent all their money like dumb-asses and need more, and attempt a comeback when they are old and loose. Sad.

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Most female "pornstars" are all used up by 30. But she graciously retired in 2012 before getting fat and ugly. At least she'll always be young and hot on all her videos that way.

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Another article said boulders the size of microwaves. What is this obsession Hawaiians have with kitchen appliances?

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Yeah, what's up with that? Yesterday it was refrigerator sized boulders and now microwave ovens. They really do like their kitchen appliance-based comparisons. I'm waiting for the kegerator boulders to start spewing. That would be pretty sweet.

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Wasnt yesterday fridge sized refrigerators? This article says cars.

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STFU: the most active volcano in the northern hemisphere has gone active-active?!?! Those poor people living on top of the most active volcano, oh the humanity! Lode Have Merci

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Technically the most active but thats a weird technicality. It erupted in 1983 and flowed lava ever since making it technically constantly erupting. They haven't had an explosive eruption though since 1924. Thats what most people think of when they think of an eruption.


On the 4 or above on the VEI index there have been a lot of eruptions from other volcanos. Something like this for that volcano is rather rare

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See you down in Arizona Bay. (hopefully)

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Exactly what I had in mind.

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Please mom!!!

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Oh no, the fat liberal welfare leeches might die

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@Le_Squish - or anyone else living on the island - Can you please provide some actual information about this? The news articles SUCK. Which way is the wind blowing? Who is getting most of the ashfall? Is it raining mud anywhere? What is it doing to the air quality? Are people freaking out? When was the last time the summit erupted?

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Right wind now is from North East. Supposed to be variable though. The column of ash is high enough that it can come down all over the Hilo, Puna and Kau districts. Usually Kau desert gets most of the ash. Historical records show places like volcano village and Glenwood may receive significant ashfall and have been warned about issues with visibility, clogged car sir filters and slippery roads.

I'm getting very fine ash in the rain this morning in town. No one knows how much ash is going to fall. SO2 continues to be a huge problem. Hilo has been like HOVE level vog even with strong wind and rain. I can't imagine how bad it is in Pahoa.

1924 was the last observed explosive eruption.

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Thanks. I've been so homesick since moving away, not sure if I'm happy to be gone now or sad to not be there with my son. I went through the Mt. St. Helens eruption. Don't use your windshield wipers on your car, it scratches the shit out of the glass. Change air filters often. The additional problem in Hawaii is that everyone lives with their windows open because of the humidity, not sure what you can do about that, other than swelter in a sauna.

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i was watching the youtube live feed from hawaii and it was cut off.btw,old faithful is erupting as well (Yellowstone geyser)

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Doesn't Old Faithful erupt all the time, hence the name? Or is it bigger than usual?

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I live in Hilo and woke up around 4:30am and the house smelled like rotten eggs. I had to close the windows and turn on fans. It has been raining off and on for most of the day - it's just a bit after 2pm now. The air quality is much better now. Today seems to be business as usual for most people. The morning traffic didn't seem to be any more or less than normal. Keep in mind, for most of the mainstream media they want to sell views and are going to sensationalize every story. Fear sells. You will get better news from local news sources, here are a couple links: http://www.bigislandvideonews.com and http://www.kitv.com.

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@I_Merc is an admitted pedo. That is all.

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