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God I hate the offense Olympics. The beaner said that because they wrote something on his cup, he feels bad for all Hispanics and for all African Americans.

What a weak piece of shit

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It’s not even a Starbucks fault, it was one employee, one out of thousands and thousands. Fuck these people are stupid.

Plus that taco nigger should go back anyway!

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Why are you complaining?

The left waste tears and energy eating one of their own (good)

People will probably get free shit for this (good)

Starbucks will suffer (good)

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Starbucks employees practically all look like they're part of the Prog crowd so I really doubt this "beaner" tag honestly came from a barista. Plus do young people even use beaner anymore? Now Pedro could have colluded with a friend at Starbucks (who was planning to quit anyway) to get some sweet payout money from Starbucks.

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This does look like a set-up.

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The first one was a setup, too.

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I wonder how hard it would be to make a label up on a printer. I mean if you could duplicate the label all you need is a blank cup, not too hard to nick a stack of those.

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They don't use labels, they just write that shit on there.

A sharpie and a little sneakiness is all you need to seriously fuck with Starcucks.

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From the picture, I see that this was one of two items. There should have been another item saying "BEANER" as well.

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From the article: Today the Seattle-based coffee chain finds itself in the news yet again and it isn’t over their new public restroom policy or hidden pervert cams that take images of people going potty.

Journalist unironically uses the phrase going potty in the first sentence.

Going potty. Motherfucking going potty.

This is what happens when you dumb everything down to the mental and emotional level of a four year old.

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The average american reads at a 4th grade level.

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The phrase "using the toilet" isn't any harder to read than the phrase "going potty."

One is how you talk among adults, and the other is how you talk to small slightly-retarded children.

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Just like the cake that had "FAG" written on it? I'm skeptical of any report of blatant hate until further review determines as authentic. Clearly this guy is enjoying the attention which make his claims even more suspect.

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This one was printed on the label, so either he has access to a printer and made his own label, he deliberately said Beaner to get them to print it, they misheard him, or it was a genuine case of racial bias.

Even if it was real racism though... so fucking what? If someone printed out my label as "potato-nigger" it'd be hilarious.

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Okay, you got me. What is a "potato-nigger"?

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In La Cañada? The barista who wrote that is probably a spic, too. These people need to calm the fuck down. He gave his name as Peter, they could've misheard him.

As slurs go, beaner isn't even that bad. "Wetback," I could see getting upset about.

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Pedro said he was hurt, felt bad, was insulted, and not just for him, but for everyone of Hispanic descent like him, even for African Americans.

WTF am I reading?

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Probably a scam set-up to rip off Starbucks.

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LOL go back to Mexico you fucking beaner.

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Yeah, right. That happened. Methinks some one thought Star bucks were being handed out.

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